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The Future‘s So Bright, Bitcoin Gotta Wear Shades!; Winklevoss twin sees the cryptocurrency ultimately becoming ‘multitrillion-dollar asset’; 60,000 travelers stranded at Heathrow Airport; Missouri woman wins lottery twice in one day; Alaska Airlines to offer early boarding for those wearing ugly holiday sweaters this Friday; How an entirely fake restaurant became London’s hottest reservation; Best new movies to see this holiday season; Delta’s new annoying fee on discount flights to Europe; Beware “secret wine bottle exchange” scam??; Brown University doing away w/student loans; Today is one of biggest online shopping days of the year…

HEALTH & WELLNESS 12.11.2017

Are You My Mother? As home DNA tests become more common (Think: 23andMe, AncestryDNA), people must grapple w/surprises about their parents; Aldi recalls chocolate bars for nut allergy concerns; Colored sunscreen (?) could cut skin cancer rates; How to schedule wellness into your workday and still get stuff done; Why social media is freaking out over ‘moon milk’ – the booze-free nightcap for better sleep…

FITNESS/DIET 12.11.2017

Good news/bad news: More older people are doing yoga, but they’re also racking up injuries!; Lululemon, which delivered early Christmas present to investors w/better than expected results last quarter, pushes forward w/ambitious goals for 2020; Internet’s fittest woman shares food and fitness diary; More evidence that one type of exercise is closet thing to a miracle drug that we have; What your resting heart rate can tell you about your fitness; Most popular day of the year to work out…and it’s not Jan. 1…???

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