Smartphones apps are tracking and selling your location data faster than you realize and often w/out your knowledge?!; Walmart is introducing prepared meals and its own Blue Apron-like kits amid grocery war w/Amazon; Europe’s spring new car season kicks off today in Geneva [Check out Aston Martin’s new Vantage sports car]; Home sales slumping all over country; Millennials losing more money to scams than senior citizens; Glitter beer popping up at breweries everywhere; Delta and United – doubling down on improved in-flight meals; Cheaper MacBook Air reportedly coming soon; Girl Scouts learning to fight cybercrime?; Rising property taxes; eBay’s ‘Under $10’ storefront; Applebee’s $2 cocktails (through end of month); Starbucks’ new spring drinks…


After a rough February, stocks are entering what are often two of the best months of the year for the market; Stricter policy dealing w/emotional-support animals goes into effect today at two major airlines; Best Buy closing all of its mobile-phone stores; Spotify files for $1 billion IPO; Non-smokers – get extra vacation days since they don’t take smoke breaks?; Jennifer Lawrence says she’s ‘toying w/the idea of becoming a billionaire’; Bill Gates thinks cryptocurrency is killing people; Red flags that could trigger a tax audit; Remote work – reaching unprecedented levels of popularity; Edible ‘bath bombs’ for your tequila; Rosé pool float [Just for you, Bart]; Vero, Vero, Vero


Ding Dong! Amazon buys Ring, a smart doorbell maker that was once rejected on Shark Tank!; Fed gonna keep raising rates to contain inflation; Gas prices heading back toward $3/gallon; Tooth Fairy – strapped for cash last year or what?; Old-school tableside service making comeback; Hottest Ferrari yet, other new car models to debut in Geneva; Buffett’s $11 million beach house – still on market [Time for price reduction?!]; New Trader Joe’s products you need in your life; Olive Garden’s new meatball pizza bowl; 24K gold ice cream cones; The 11-year old kid who just wrote a 57-page book on bitcoin; #1 company in America for pay and benefits [Psst – it’s not Apple, Facebook, or Google!]…


Did you see Warren Buffett’s three-hour interview w/CNBC yesterday? We didn’t, either, but Jim Cramer says it was a ‘teaching moment’ for every investor…and shares his top four takeaways from the interview…; Sam’s Club becomes latest retailer to join same-day home delivery race; Yes Way Rosé, the wine that took Instagram by storm, heading for nationwide release @ Target; Pyrex bringing back a coveted vintage pattern; New home sales down again; Lisa Marie Presley – broke (blames former business manager); Why 50% of U.S. adults haven’t checked their credit scores/reports since Equifax hack; How much money you should have saved at every age [Estimates seem lower than what we’ve seen elsewhere, but…]; Barbie’s latest move – teaching kids how to code?; Today is National Pancake Day


Studies are increasingly clear: Uber, Lyft worsen traffic, congest cities…weren’t they supposed to have opposite effect???; Toyota, Hyundai recall > 100,000 cars; Apple working on its own high-quality headphonesRosé wine, hard cider in the pink for millennials; Bitcoin finding its way into high schools; Gold – going to $1400?; Everything coming to Netflix in March (and what’s leaving); Highlights from Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway investor letter; David Bowie’s life in pictures – now showing in NY, LA, and Hawaii; Coca-Cola’s Georgia Peach and California Raspberry flavors; Nokia’s ‘Matrix’ banana phone (It’s baaack!); Beyond by Airbnb (coming soon); Costco’s own version of Nutella; Dunkin’ Donuts Girl Scout Cookies…coffee.


Say ‘goodbye’ to Priceline Group and ‘hello’ to Booking Holdings????; SpaceX gears up again for its first global satellite launch; Uber launches new cheaper rides; Amazon stock soars past $1500 for first time [Full Disclosure just for you, Craig: NoPo Editor owns AMZN and is now a multi-thousandaire!]; Ryan Reynolds buys stake in gin company; Amazon HQ2— Arlington area?; Home ownership is increasingly for the wealthy; Interest rate hike in March (likely); One of world’s most $$$$ divorces [Remember the socialite who blowtorched her husband’s art collection??]; Yelp’s Top 100 Places to Eat for 2018; Cars from Costco; Neapolitan M&M’s; Every Cheez-It flavor, taste-tested and ranked; National Margarita Day.


Jailed over an unpaid car loan? It’s happening, according to a new report; Walmart stumbles in shift to web selling (fears it isn’t positioned to fend off Amazon sent shares down, tripped up market big time); Dunkin’ Donuts says coupons for free ‘anniversary’ donuts are a scam; Wyndham launching program that gives traveling families a discount for staying off their phones; Auctus bringing blockchain tech to the $36 trillion retirement plan market; Fed – could ‘rock the boat’ today?; Chipotle testing trendy new menu item; Squid ink ice cream – popular dessert @ Olympics; Travel guidebooks – alive and well; Best money-saving apps; McDonald’s Shamrock Shakes!


As two grocery stores edge closer to bankruptcy, Albertsons swoops for Rite Aid in defense move against Amazon; Dog food brands recalled over possible euthanasia drug; Facebook testing users’ patience while rewarding patient investors [We’re both and we’ve noticed!!!]; Apple employees can’t stop walking into glass doors; Virtual pandemonium??; Bigger iPhone X may be coming in 2018; Hottest toys from New York Toy Fair; #1 city in America to Airbnb your home; Fastest growing spirit category in world right now; National Love Your Pet Day; Lucky Charms new unicorn marshmallows; Pancake & Syrup-flavored…Peeps!


‘Loyal’ L.L. Bean customer sues company for changing legendary returns policy??!!! I mean … realllllly??!?!?!?!?; Psychologists say they’ve calculated the exact salary you need to be happy; Rare 70-pound meteriote sells for record $237,500 at Christie’s; Bitcoin is…‘noxious poison’?; Outlook for credit cards (going to be more difficult to get new cards/higher limits); Chances of getting bumped from your flight (half as likely as last year); Best frozen pizzas; ‘Golden Girls’ hot sauce


Market on its toes for an inflation report that could change everything — or … not??; Sam’s Club revamps its membership, ups e-commerce game; Rolls-Royce names its new SUV after largest flawless diamond ever found; Bill and Melinda Gates say it’s not fair that they have so much wealth; Start-ups are looking to deliver take-out at your airport gate; CryptoKitties is going mobile; Home prices – overheating; What being a millionaire means today; How you can feel joy w/nearly every purchase you make; Latest home design trends–going to…the dogs?!!; Mastering mattress shopping [This is the weekend to buy, after all]; The $15 frying pan that beats out Le Creuset and Cuisinart skillets; The 11-year old (!) cryptocurrency guru; Pepsi’s new sparkling water; Hershey’s Donut Bites

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