Queer Eye isn’t just great fashion TV–it’s the best show of the year?; Walmart doubles down on fashion – four new private apparel brands debut today; Lacoste’s iconic crocodile makes room for 10 endangered species on brand’s polo shirts; People are now paying $100+ in monthly ‘membership’ fees to get glowing skin; Supermodel Christie Brinkley on her new makeup line and biggest beauty secrets [Just a lot of water, you know?!]; Nordstrom’s financial issues – making it tough to go private; Levi’s new cutting edge technology; Fashion Assistant horror stories; Oscar swag bags – worth up to $100,000?!?!


Fan-favorite spa brand Bliss is relaunching its entire line at…Target?; J. Crew debuts lingerie collection (just a month after rolling out lower-priced, millennial-aimed swimwear line); What Jane Seymour does to make 67 look 47 (pilates, putting, core exercises, etc!); The $6 acne-fighting foundation that’s flying off shelves at Sephora; Curious case of celebrities’ ever-changing…eyelids; Introducing Eve Jobs, Steve’s 19-year old daughter who we’re putting in this section because didn’t know of her .. and she’s pretty!


Wow–41% of men under 35 would rather lose their home or sight in one eye than experience hair loss?!?!?!; Online styling service Stitch Fix looks to diversify product set w/push into intimate apparel; Rebecca Minkoff launches her first swimwear line; ‘Snapchat Dysmorphia’ causing young people to seek plastic surgery; Americans – spending less of their income on clothes [nothing in here about the rental market, but…]; Kaia Gerber’s first Chanel campaign; Spring 2018 fashion trends to watch for; The 405-pound male model breaking down barriers…


The Queen joins Vogue‘s Anna Wintour on front row at London Fashion Week; Bill Murray’s new ‘Bill-Bottoms’ are making golf fashion cool again; Long-sleeve swimsuits having most stylish season yet; Why the U.S. is lagging behind in extended bra sizing; How to pack w/out wrinkling; Paris Hilton – America’s most underrated businesswoman?; Celebrity-favorite Nike sneakers–coming out next month; ‘Guess’ no longer (yup, he’s toast); ASOS buckle jeans (really weird); Madonna Oxygen Facial…


Look out, be-loooooowwww: The H&M fast-fashion empire is crumbling!; Chanel spending $30 million renovating Paris’ iconic Grand Palais; Belly button plastic surgery procedures are trending right now?????; These are the beauty hacks you can do w/good old-fashioned Vaseline; This is the “world’s most expensive foundation” [We tried it and didn’t look any better than we do w/stuff from Duane Reade]; And here is everything you wanted to know about PRP injections, the scary-sounding filler treatment that is .. ahem … “natural”?!!


Timberland helping rebuild Haiti’s cotton industry via…blockchain????; Burberry partners w/Farfetch in online push; Lil Wayne and Neiman Marcus launch exclusive Young Money clothing line; Neck tattoos – on rise among fashion set; Why transparent fashion is trending in era of oversharing; How much it costs to wake up looking like an influencer [A LOT]; Cheapest way to whiten your teeth; Microblading – for perfectly shaped brows; Perms (making comeback); Trader Joe’s $6 rose facial oil (a thing); ‘Butt-masking’ ???


John Mayer unveils the secret to his super-smooth skin: “I don’t love anybody” ?????; Record-low # of shows leaves Fashion Week at crossroads; Shoppers are spending hundreds of dollars on ‘ugly’ clothes; Why this top dermatologist [Hi, Dendy!] swears by applying magnesium oil to skin; How Glamglow became the skin-care brand w/the most buzz on social media; Slimming tricks that come straight from your wardrobe — no diet necessary; Volite: the new hyaluronic acid injectable that can make your skin more radiant…

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