Scientifically, what would be considered the perfect diet? One that is high in nutrients? Sustainable? Affordable? All that…and more…..; Dick Costolo, best known as Twitter’s former CEO, pulls plug on his fitness app, Chorus, and shuts down company [No wonder he never called us back!]; Arsenic, lead found in popular protein supplements; How to get out of the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ food spiral; Why this celebrity trainer recommends sleep over working out; Dos and don’ts of understanding your BMI; Optimal heart rate for weight loss; The Spice Diet...

FITNESS/DIET 02.26.2018

Disturbing ‘Cinderella’ diet challenge – in which end goal is to have teeny tiny waist a la Cinderella – going viral; Fitness blogger called out for ‘damaging’ workout videos targeting children; Eating fruits, vegetables, and whole grains could help reduce risk of depression; Best time to have sex-right after a workout??; No downturn in obesity among U.S. kids; Legging trend you’ll see this spring (prints, prints, prints); The site that aims to be the LinkedIn for fitness professionals

FITNESS/DIET 02.22.2018

On a gluten-free diet? This search engine will make life easier; Barry’s Bootcamp is expanding into Asia and Australia; ClassPass now testing wellness and beauty bookings; Level puts a fitness tracker in your glasses–good idea? bad?; The truth about weight-loss programs based on your genetic ‘type’Gym workout that’s most likely to cause an injury; Dangers of holding onto “goal weight clothes”; Music & exercise [makes us enjoy it more]; Allure of hot yoga [still a mystery!]...

FITNESS/DIET 02.20.2018

Is the CrossFit Open the biggest sporting competition on earth??; Katherine Heigl shows off her 14-month post-baby weight loss journey; Functional fitness, lifting, workout thinktanks [huh?] among the top fitness trends everyone will be “obsessed with” in 2018; Practical ways to maintain a healthy weight w/out looking at the scale [Whatever you say!]; Re-thinking your late-night eating habits; The jewelry you should (and shouldn’t) work out in; A dietician’s guide to kicking your soda habits in 3 weeks…

FITNESS/DIET 02.15.2018

Is an end in sight for yo-yo dieting? Scientists discover the evolutionary brain switch behind it; McDonald’s pledges to make Happy Meals more…nutritious; Olympian Adam Rippon speaks out about his starvation diet; Best diets that let you drink alcohol; Healthy swaps for every junk food you crave; Lightweight running shoes that are the next best thing to running…on…air; Dream Job Alert: four-month internship recording cycling trips across Europe and Africa – SIGN.ME.UP!

FITNESS/DIET 02.14.2018

Why are you still overweight? Goop expert nails down all the reasons in newly-released book; Chemicals found in food packaging linked to weight gain; Under Armour is turning around; Weight Watchers – dropping “before and after” photos; What to know before your first complimentary Orangetheory class [NoPo says expect tons of annoying follow-up calls afterwards]; Why eating more slowwwwwly may help you lose weight; List of foods w/almost no calories and a lot of nutrients; Olympians & their high-fat diets – take w/grain of salt?

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