What are adaptogens and why are people taking them?; Doctors “sound the alarm” on possible harms of saline in IV bags; Weight Watchers shifting focus from weight loss to overall wellness; Life coach…or…therapist?; Wellness apartment buildings – wave of the future; Smoking while pregnant (still happening); How wearables will take health monitoring to the next level; Why America could become vulnerable to the next major pandemic; Best vegan cheeses, no matter your dairy-free mood..

HEALTH & WELLNESS 02.28.2018

Are you sitting down? Standing desks may not be as good for you as previously hyped!!!…; Simple urine test could measure how much our bodies have aged and even reveal how long we have left to live; Phones, pot causing more pedestrian deaths?; Why the rise and fall of stock prices doesn’t need to stress you out; What maunka honey is/health benefits; How quinoa became most divisive “superfood” of 21st century; Family history & Alzheimer’s impact (more than you realize); Binge watching – leaves you anxious…stressed… and lonely…; Hugs: we need ’em!

HEALTH & WELLNESS 02.20.2018

Home cleaning products may be as bad for your lungs as a 20 cigarettes/day habit; Olympians told to fist-bump, not shake hands, to prevent spread of norovirus [Can we please adopt similar policy here?!?!?!?!?!]; Heart attack symptoms often misinterpreted in younger women; Avocados — infiltrating wedding proposals?; Correlation between gut health and mood; Pets & mental health benefits – confirmed; Poop Talk: new comedy/doc that discusses our relationship w/digestion…

HEALTH & WELLNESS 02.15.2018

Having a bad day? The average American has 60/year, according to survey examining how we deal w/stress; Warren Buffett makes another big bet on health care; “Ultra-processed” foods like chicken nuggets linked to increased cancer risk; Swimming in cold water good for pain relief; Credit card debt – bad for your health; The woo-woo wellness trend that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen embrace; SuperShe Island (new women’s-only wellness retreat); Brussels Sprouts…pickles!; Booze, pizza and sex – what Americans will (and won’t) give up for better sleep; Best ways to counter the negative effects of aging and live a long time—starting…right…now!

HEALTH & WELLNESS 02.14.2018

Give up alcohol and sugar for 40 days starting today or…maybe…not!!??? When Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday clash — for the first time since 1945 [Nancy, what say you?]; Fitbit acquires cloud-based health care company that you probably haven’t head of; Hummus may be getting more expensive (Blame a drought in India, where most chickpeas are grown); Amazon wants to be a .. hospital supplier?; What happens to your brain when you’re in love; Why kidney stones are on the rise–especially for women; Looks like the flu, acts like the flu, but isn’t the flu….!

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