As millions of Americans lose their jobs, opportunities open up at places like Amazon….Walmart….Domino’sPizza Hut…Walgreens…CVS…and others to meet coronavirus demand; Zillow and Redfin suspend home-buying; Gas prices drop to next-to-nothing – under $1.00/gallon soon?; Audible offering free audiobooks for kids stuck at home; MasterClass launching free live Q&A sessions; Facebook seeing 70% increase in Messenger group video calls; Grocery delivery apps seeing record downloads; Time to bring back copper, long-known for its antimicrobial properties?; What to buy when your grocery store is out of pasta, beans, juice, and other staples; How to order wine while in quarantine (and how to host virtual Happy Hour, which we were just talking about yesterday, Hope); When Bill Gates predicts we can reopen the economy.

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