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The Future‘s So Bright, Bitcoin Gotta Wear Shades!; Winklevoss twin sees the cryptocurrency ultimately becoming ‘multitrillion-dollar asset’; 60,000 travelers stranded at Heathrow Airport; Missouri woman wins lottery twice in one day; Alaska Airlines to offer early boarding for those wearing ugly holiday sweaters this Friday; How an entirely fake restaurant became London’s hottest reservation; Best new movies to see this holiday season; Delta’s new annoying fee on discount flights to Europe; Beware “secret wine bottle exchange” scam??; Brown University doing away w/student loans; Today is one of biggest online shopping days of the year…


Take some gains off the table or keep rolling the dice?! CNBC’s Jim Cramer says bitcoin is like ‘Monopoly money’ .. and that you’re better off gambling in Vegas…; Airlines prepare for record 51M travelers for Christmas, New Year’s; David Cassidy leaves daughter completely out of will – son gets $150,000; Mystery buyer of the $450 million da Vinci painting identified as Saudi prince; How one CryptoKitty was flipped for $60,000 in four days; Why early retirees should prepare for austerity; Medicare’s open enrollment period ends today; Airfares to rise in 2018; ‘Porch pirates’ — stealing holiday packages?!?!; Best restaurants in America (according to OpenTable); No ‘Stores’ for Walmart; Starbucks’ Christmas Tree Frappuccino


Wow! The cryptocurrency market is now worth more than JPMorgan; Facebook tops list of Best Places to Work – again; Google is hiring 10,000 people to clean up YouTube; Cheesecake Factory giving away 10,000 free slices of cheesecake today; Starbucks debuts its biggest location yet; December – an expensive time to be single??; Dollar stores dominating retail by betting on death of middle class; Pizza Hut testing beer and wine delivery; Snowman Christmas trees are a thing; Beyonce & cyber security (what you can learn from her); Disney and Fox – closing in on deal; Drinking, punching, shouting…a rise in extreme air rage….


Hey, Zuckerberg, look at us now!!!!!! Winklevoss twins finally get what they’ve always wanted: monnnnnnney .. and lots of it as they’ve become world’s first bitcoin billionaires [Geoff–If you see the twins in your elevator, see if they’ll do Guest NoPoST.]; Facebook launches messaging app just for kids; Starbucks baristas giving out $1 million in gift cards this month; Hidden cameras in Airbnbs?!?!?!; Signs of life at traditional brick-and-mortars; More self-splurging this holiday season; Jet Blue’s “All You Can Jet” pass (It’s back!); Dow 25,000 – just around the corner?


21st Century Fox restarts talks to sell most of the company to Disney; ‘Grinch bots’ are stealing Christmas; Taco Bell testing a french-fry stuffed burrito; Uber-style surge pricing — coming to a parking spot near you?; Gas prices drop across U.S.; The text message turns 25 (OMG!); What bitcoin’s smartest skeptics are telling investors; Why your office Christmas party will likely be booze-free this year (yup–sexual harassment fears); Red Lobster‘s brand new menu (available nationwide today); Applebee’s $1 Long Island Iced Teas – all month long; National Cookie Day; Ford recall; ‘CryptoKitties‘?????


Glitch at American Airlines could spell trouble for Christmas travel season; Nightmarish, destructive 2017 hurricane season comes to end; Toys ‘R’ Us recalls 6,000 clay craft kits over mold risks; Lots of talk about creating an ETF for bitcoin; Why you’re seeing enamelware everywhere; How to make sure you have worry-free retirement; France’s butter crisis… a perfect lesson in basic economics; Chipotle replacing its Founder & CEO; No bonus to being good employee this year; Snapchat’s major redesignTwitter’s big year; Domino’s…baby registry???; You can now drink Saturday Night Live wine while home alone on a Saturday night…#somuchfun


The final #s are in and they’re much better than expected: > 174 million Americans shopped in stores and online during holiday weekend; Bitcoin prices could test another eye-watering barrier today; Home prices on low end of market rising at twice the pace as those on high end; FDA warns pet owners against giving dogs bone treats; Facebook may soon demand a selfie if it detects suspicious activity on your account; Oil prices chase $60; Dow aims for 24,000; Closed big-box stores – retail eyesore in many cities; Jellies: a subscription-based, kid-friendly alternative to YouTube Kids; Sodastream – turn water into wine?!; Arby’s/Buffalo Wild WingsSafest major cities in world to visit right now; “Prongles”


Thinking about buying a plane ticket soon? The Tuesday after Thanksgiving (today!) is one of the best days to shop for flights; Bitcoin price nearing $10,000 in watershed moment for cryptocurrencies (and FYI, John – Bitcoin exchange Coinbase has more users than stock brokerage Schwab; #1 trending Apple app); Lyft finally goes corporate w/Carlson Wagonlit travel deal; Airlines to rake in $57 billion in passenger fees this year; People are paying $1000 for upside down Christmas trees???; New routes and destinations for Frontier; Record holiday season for LL Bean’s duck boots (predicted); Oreo flavored candy canes; World’s most expensive cheesecake; Giving Tuesday; Instant Pot, Instant Pot, Instant Pot!!; Jeff Bezos: The $100 Billion-Dollar Man…


Ikea recalls chests, dressers again after death of 8th child; Uber under fire for covering up hack that exposed data of 57 million people; Delta adding lie-flat seats on more domestic flights; How carrots ruined Campbell Soup’s most recent quarter; Amount of money you need to be happy (new analysis); The alarming # shoppers still paying off debt from last Christmas; Amazon Prime membership – worth it for Black Friday alone?; London buses now powered by coffee; Market poised for turkey bump; KFC’s internet Escape Pod; Huge flash travel sales; Boxed wines that put Franzia to shame; Best Thanksgiving movies to stream right now…


Will consumers spend this holiday season?; Retailers are going nuts trying to lure you into their stores!; Tencent beats Alibaba in race to $500 billion, leaving Facebook in wake; Uber signs deal to buy 24,000 autonomous cars from Volvo (just as it’s getting fined for driver screening failures); US moves to block AT&T’s takeover of Time Warner; Google Express lets you shop at Costco w/out a membership; British Airways introducing zoned boarding; Paul McCartney’s Aston Martin – yours for $2 million; Best holiday dishes you can buy at Trader Joe’s; Water bottle filling stations at airports; Thanksgiving 2017 travel – today is worst day to hit the road.

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