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Consumer/Personal Finance 06.22.2017

Most Americans will go into debt to pay for vacation; Ethereum, that other leading digital currency, drops 15% as increased demand sparks fear of growing pains; Time to take a look at…Litecoin? Huh? What’s thaaat?!; Virgin Mobile offers year of unlimited service for $1, w/a catch – natch; Record travel over July 4th weekend is predicted; Amex renting out Grey Gardens this summer; Hidden dangers of air conditioners; Oreo candy canes; Richest person in every state; Drinks on George!

Consumer/Personal Finance 06.21.2017

Science says: why some airplanes don’t fly in high heat; Uber adds option to tip drivers, and you’ll pay for making them wait; Jackie O’s iconic watch up for auction; Johnny Depp for sale — everything but the jet!; Mango Pineapple & Berry Prickly Pear Frappuccinos; Lucky Charms milkshake; 24-carat gold sheets; Free Amazon credits you might be entitled to (Check on yours soon because they expire Saturday); Qatar Airways named world’s best airline; Meet the high school drop out who invested in bitcoin at age 12 and is now a millionaire at age 18 ..

Consumer/Personal Finance 06.20.2017

With shares of Amazon now at all-time high, Jeff Bezos’ net worth is currently $86 billion–just $4 billion away from overtaking Bill Gates and becoming world’s richest man…IRS issues warning about new telephone scam; Airbnb buying background-check startup to protects its users and hosts; Verizon tops another network ranking; Blue Apron’s IPO on menu; Rare Jackson Pollock painting worth as much as $15-million going up for auction today .. Protect your privacy and buy it w/bitcoin? No, no ..  Ether is the digital currency of the moment ..

Consumer/Personal Finance 06.14.2017

Fed rate hikes might give Wall Street unpleasant surprise; Apple, Tesla shares are two of biggest shorts in world right now; Best Buy to offer ‘try-before-you-buy’ option for cameras, audio equipment, fitness trackers (Take that, Amazon!); Verizon closes Yahoo deal, Mayer steps down (w/nearly $260 million); Goldman Sachs: Bitcoin looking ‘heavy’; Americans-charitable (gave away $390 billion last yr); $39 Southwest  flights; Dow-za!; And since it’s hot…12 best air conditioners on Amazon….

Consumer/Personal Finance 06.13.2017

McDonald’s to hire 250,000 workers this summer–will use Snapchat to lure millennial job seekers; Odds of getting college scholarship for fencing better than almost all other sports; Banking is logical next step in personal assistant revolution; Your FICO credit score may soon get boost; Online auditions for ‘American Idol’ now open; SUV headlights not ‘good’; Lady Gaga Starbucks drinks; Re: Gymboree’s bankruptcy filing — here are retailers that could be next…

Consumer/Personal Finance 06.07.2017

Not saving enough for retirement? Maybe you should hit the gym..and eat fruits and veggies..and drink lots of water..and..and; U.S. job openings at record high; Southwest sale now in progress (through tomorrow) w/RT fares < $100; Uber-like carpooling coming to New York City cabs; More Sears and Kmart store closings; Why human travel agents still so much better than websites; College students & overdraft fees (They’re getting gouged.); Walmart vending machine; 10 most expensive beach towns..

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