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With 23k hit, Wall Street believes GE, Nike, and Disney will carry Dow to 24,000; Ford urged to recall 1.3 million Explorers amid carbon monoxide poisoning concerns; Consumer Reports says old Samsung phones are better than Apple’s brand new iPhone 8; Venmo users will soon be able to use the app to shop online; George Soros gives bulk of fortune to his foundation; Freelance jobs hit all-time high, outpacing standard workforce; Biggest mistake people make when trying to sell their stuff; Cites going to great lengths to land Amazon’s HQ2; Forbes Richest Americans; Airport auction (This weekend in Pittsburgh, Gordon–all lost & found items, including abandoned cars.); Starbucks Zombie Frappuccino; The 2017 Neiman Marcus Christmas Book


Is your Wi-Fi connection safe? Here’s what you need to know about the massive hacking attack; Why you’ll keep paying less at the pump this year; What the new Qantas Dreamliner means for travelers; States that will soon require passports for domestic flights; Best cities for quality of life; Three to four interest rate hikes next year?; Snap ups its game (major move to compete w/Amazon and Netflix); Supermarket Sweep – returning to TV; Facebook vs. LinkedIn; Cocaine – ruining restaurant business?; The billionaires behind the wildly popular Hatchimals…


Will that be cash, credit, or … personal loan?; Sunroofs are exploding at increasing rate; Airstream debuts new ‘European inspired’ travel trailer; Microsoft builds treehouses for its employees; Branson vs. Musk over future of travel – yada, yada, yada; Best city in U.S. for trick-or-treating; World’s newest biggest cruise ship; Martha Stewart mishap (cake knife recall); Medicare open enrollment; Costco membership –  renewal problem?; Your next hangover could help fight hunger; Peanut butter slices – a thing now; Today is the deadline for filing your 2016 tax returns.


Bitcoin price (now at record high above $5,100) will reach $10,000 in just six months??!!!; Self-flying planes may arrive sooner than you think (here’s why); Rediscovered Leonardo da Vinci painting expected to fetch $100 million; Amazon ready for next generation consumer — your teen; Most worthless graduate degree in America; List of wineries damaged in Wine Country fires; Remote jobs & employee satisfaction (high); No work/life balance if you want to be rich; Home delivery (literally); A family-run pub in the English countryside has just been named ‘best restaurant in the world.’


Wall Street isn’t just in a bull market .. it’s in an “epic” one, says Morgan Stanley….Grocery wars heating up; Twitter adding new feature to help users figure out what’s “happening now”; Rhode Island grower squashes world record-literally; Lidl introduces organic ‘hangover-free’ prosecco; Southwest sale (through tomorrow), w/RT tickets <$100 [Editor laments: Sales never include ANY of my routes!]; Oprah goes to bank for first time since 1988 (You know, to deposit $2-million dollars); Reese Witherspoon’s new Crate & Barrel holiday campaign; $25,000 taco – most expensive in world; Head lice – lurking in your Halloween costume?; Pizza Hut delivery getting hotter..


Will investor Nelson Peltz get seat on the P&G board? Largest proxy battle ever comes to head today; Amazon considering more serious bid against YouTube; Hulu slashes price on entry-level subscriptions; Wine is now smarter investment than cars, art, diamonds; Unusual warmth – ruining fall foliage season?; Four year degree – still gateway to greater wealth in U.S.; A look inside Jennifer Lopez’s NYC penthouse (just listed – $27 million);  Why accidental ‘hellos’ (such as pocket dials!) just won’t stop; How the work of Nobel Prize winner Richard Thaler has improved your life ($$$$ to retirement accounts); Delta now offering free prosecco on international flights; Degree program for studying the business of .. marijuana?; Ikea’s new furniture collection for pets; Another meal kit IPO; Finding My Virginity by Sir Richard Branson.


Consider yourself warned – all that distracting infotainment technology that automakers are cramming into new cars is putting your life at risk; Airbnb and WeWork team up to find desks for business travelers; Homebuyers rush to riskier mortgages as home prices heat up; Steve Jobs’ widow set to become NBA’s newest billionaire owner [You jealous, Jon?]; Soda companies trying hard not to be…soda companies; Nationwide pasta chain for Giada De Laurentiis; Unlimited Netflix on all flights – soon; Applebee’s $1 margs (all month); How to dump your Yahoo email; Cookie Butter Oreos; Bumpier flights in future; Tonight’s Harvest Moon…


It’s National Taco Day [and yes, John, also National Vodka Day]–here’s where to get the freebies/specials; Yahoo says all three billion accounts were hacked in 2013 data theft; These 55 stores (and counting) will be closed on Thanksgiving; This startup wants to be Vanguard for cryptocurrencies; The secretive banker behind Warren Buffett’s latest deal (big bet on truck stops); Lake Como now home to Europe’s most insane (and Instagrammable) luxury pool; Restaurants finally giving canned seafood the respect it deserves; Le Cirque – closing; Maple muscling out pumpkin spice?; Whisky Advent Calendar…


Wall Street kicks off 4th quarter on high note; Number of victims in Equifax hack grows by 2.5 million; GM puts pedal to the metal – announces plans for ‘all-electric’ future, starting,; Uber launching lounges in Westfield malls (33 locations); Shake Shack opening first-ever cashless kiosk (in NYC); Costco selling $1000 emergency food kits that have 25-year shelf life; Goldman considering bitcoin operations; ATM fees hit record highs; Monarch – the latest airline to go under; Glamping in the 90210; RIP, postcards?


Will October spook stock market investors?; Toys R Us debuting augmented reality experience to help save face; Weed smokers firing up fast-food sales – especially at McDonald’s; Cher accusing LA billionaire and Florida health care company for stock fraud; Airline seats not getting any bigger, but designers trying to make them more…comfortable?; Eyebobs bringing prescription glasses to your door; Popcorn sales up despite declining movie attendance; Merlot having comeback; Netflix email scam; Ford’s new $90,000+ luxury pickup truck–anyone gonna buy?; An app to automatically invest your spare change in cryptocurrency!

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