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History says there’s a 99% chance stock market returns will be subpar from here, but Jim Cramer still positive on the bull market; Wall Street livid over Wells Fargo’s latest scandal (Here’s what to do if you were charged for unneeded auto insurance.); Uber to issue its own credit card w/Barclays; LA will host 2028 Summer Olympics; McDonald’s Dollar Menu finally coming back; Everything you need to know about the Great American Eclipse (and best places to view); Vintage Pyrex dishes selling for $$$$; Flash sale: $190 RT fares to IcelandConsumer Reports: 10 cars proven to get 200,000 miles and beyond; World’s Best Cocktail Bar; Starbucks beef jerky drink (one location only); Dirty Dancing weekend package, anyone?


Jury deliberations begin today in ‘Pharma Bro’ trial; Twitter is developing subscription plan that promotes your Tweets automatically; Museum’s plan to sell 40 works has art world up in arms; There’s now an airline just for millennials; 92-year-old billionaire explains why you should never retire; Dom Pérignon launches on-demand delivery service; ‘RV space is on fire’; “Shrinking” airline seats; $200 Facebook shares?; Dunkirk. Dunkirk. Dunkirk.


It’s official: 2 billion people use Facebook every month; New TSA rules will require separate screenings for iPads, Kindles, and other large electronic devices; Authorities warn virtual kidnapping scams on the rise; Tesla reclaims top Consumer Reports rating; Flower-clad home that spreads “contagious happiness” hits market in L.A.; Once-in-a-lifetime solar eclipse (A bonanza for hotels, airlines); Sarahah – what it is and why it’s out ranking all your favorite apps; Best grocery store hot dogs; Cities w/most millionaires; New US routes w/$99 fares to Europe; Amazon hiring spree; Today is the Ford pickup truck’s 100-year anniversary…


Fed not expected to raise interest rates today, but markets will be watching closely for indications of future plans; Traces of controversial herbicide found in Ben & Jerry’s ice cream; Taco Bell launching new Lyft feature (‘Taco Mode’) to cater to one of its more important demographics: drunk customers; Chipotle hopes that queso will win back those scared away by norovirus and rodents; Delta getting major upgrade (and you can now use your fingerprint as boarding pass on select Delta flights); Americans are renovating ($$$); Kensington Palace hiring; Ikea ditches Ikea look; Today is McDelivery Day; World’s creepiest motel is for sale.


Wait, so money can buy you happiness? Yes–if you use it to buy free time (like, if you pay someone to do the chores you don’t want to do, for example)…Banks have raised credit card interest rates but not savings account rates; Women appear to be falling behind when it comes to basic retirement knowledge; Social Security: it’s purported death spiral and a scam warning; Microchipped…employees????; Bush’s Baked Beans recallMancations; Party like a bitcoin rock star! Third annual Blockchain Summit starts today, on Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island


Market movers this week: Get ready for the Fed, housing reports, and earnings; iPhone patch: Apple updates security to stop potential Wi-Fi attack; Malls trying to woo back shoppers w/fun activities; Target ditching Cartwheel perks rewards program; Personal finance camps becoming more popular; ‘Beer for Her’ backlash continues; Happy Poker Face (NJ man wins $8-million in World Series); Medicare card scam; Tabasco’s new Scorpion Sauce (20 times hotter than the original); Airbnb’s most requested listing


In honor of the 48th anniversary of the first moon landing, Neil Armstrong’s lunar sample bag goes up for auction today – and is expected to fetch $2-$4 million; U.S. losing ground when it comes to retirement security; Grocery shopping no longer a one-stop experience; Travel agents making a return (?); New highs for U.S. stocks; Whole Foods wine sale (this weekend); Spot this man in the airport and he’ll give you his First Class seat; Evan Spiegel sets sail as Snapchat sinks…


Really, Chipotle? I mean .. reaalllllllllly??????; Google Glass gets second chance in factories, where it’s likely to remain; Pizza Hut hiring 14,000 new drivers this year; Wells Fargo closing 450 branches; Apple patents discreet 911 calling tech for iPhone; Rise of real estate robots; Increasing consumer skepticism about autonomous cars; Magic date when summer airfares fall (and when to book your Labor Day weekend flight); Amazon Spark first look; O.J. expected to get parole .. and NFL pension means he’s ‘not going to be poor’..

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