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Scam Alert: 2 in 5 U.S. consumers have fallen victim to an online phishing attack, according to a 2017 Cyber Monday phishing survey –  fake Amazon gift cards, phony Walmart sites, and others – how to avoid; Honda recalls 900,000 Odyssey minivans; TSA PreCheck members fume as their lines get lonnnnnnnnnnnger; Pringles unveils 8 new flavors to create chip version of Thanksgiving dinner; Fake Fingerlings (WowWee granted temporary restraining order against nearly 200 counterfeiters!); Chipotle’s food safety problems – persisting; Trader Joe’s packaged salad recall; Bitcoin – new record high; Goldman Sachs: four interest rate hikes in 2018; Tesla flying car?; Best way to cook a turkey, from the experts at Consumer Reports; All the new shows, specials, and movies airing on Thanksgiving day


Pack your patience – record # travelers over Thanksgiving–most since 2005!; ‘Leonardo da Vinci artwork’ sells for record $450 million–highest auction price for any work of art; Amazon cuts prices again at Whole Foods, w/special turkey discounts for Prime members; Ikea glass tables are spontaneously exploding; New Medicare card scam is targeting seniors; Sprint says Hello to Hulu; HBS professor: Half of American colleges will be bankrupt in 10 to 15 years??!; 4 under-the-radar countries where you can retire for cheap; What to expect from Tesla’s big electric truck reveal (Will it ‘blow your mind clear out of your skull and into an alternate dimension’??????); Trader Joe’s $13 Thanksgiving box; Whiskey in a Capri Sun pouch; Gin-flavored cream; Butterball hotline’s most-asked question every year…


Just as the holiday season gets underway….13,900 hoverboards recalled for battery fire risk!!!; Leonardo da Vinci painting (yes? no?) to fetch $100 million at auction today; Gas prices unseasonably high, but relief coming; Consumer safety group unveils ‘Worst Toys’ list (Beware Smart toys – security!!); OpenTable teaming up w/restaurateurs to support Napa and Sonoma’s recovery; Amazon Alexa will now tell you how many hours you have to work to afford a house, a car, or dream vacation; New video service Philo targets non-sports streamers (just $16/month); Ponzi schemes – alive and well; Salary increases – not happening; Record household debt; GE (!); The 10-year old who was able to unlock his mom’s iPhone using Face ID…


Didn’t Apple just release the X, like, a few weeks ago? Rumors suggest 3 new iPhones are coming in 2018; Amazon announces ‘Lord of the Rings’ TV show; JetBlue is giving away free flights to travelers willing to do volunteer work; Lyft is finally going international; Used-car prices are unexpectedly strong; Kinder eggs – coming to the U.S.; Dunkin’s holiday donuts (taste like your favorite Christmas cookies); ‘Tis The Cheese’n; Living on the edge (1 in 5 households have ‘zero or negative’ wealth); The $150 face mask that beat Face ID on the X….hackity, hack, hack. Joke’s on us??; Oh, and PS: Don’t book flights today – Tuesday is officially no longer the cheapest day to do it!


Bill Gates buys Arizona land for $80 million to create ‘smart city’; Walmart is experimenting w/charging higher prices online than in-store; GE faces 2nd dividend cut since Great Depression; Leading supermarket chains offering free turkeys if you register for loyalty program or spend certain amount; A growing number of students turning to dating sites to find ‘Sugar Daddies‘ for help w/college costs; Millionaires and billionaires who still use coupons; Airbnbs that will blow your mind (not your budget); 3 serious problems w/the 4% retirement rule; Emirates’ new first-class cabins [Like!]; Seasonal milks; HasbroTel; World’s WASPiest dessert? [Thanks, David]


Metallica, Dave Matthews headline wildfire relief concert tonight; TripAdvisor starts warning users about sexual assaults at hotels; 200 universities just launched 600 free online courses; Caribbean flights – crazy cheap this winter (even where the hurricanes didn’t hit); Record streak–all indexes; Insane perks Amazon is offering its newest employees; Retire in …Pittsburgh? Boston?; Salted caramel and cake-flavored soda; Amazon’s private-label diapers, available by invitation only; NASA/Uber flying taxi project; Au Bon Panera; Fa-la-latte: Starbucks is offering buy-one-get-one-free deal on holiday drinks starting today (through the 13th)…


Knock, knock! Amazon Key is here…This new delivery service for Prime members that allows packages to be delivered inside your home, is available in 37 cities starting today; Twitter is rolling out 280-character tweets around the world; Waymo now testing its self-driving cars on public roads w/no one at wheel; WOW Air coming to JFK (and that means more cheap flights to Europe); Google will now show restaurants’ average wait times; Snapchat redesign in the works (as for the stock…); ATM fees – robbing you blind; Chuck E. Cheese Cheetos-topped pizza; Hot cocoa Oreos; ‘Tis the season for getting your sh*t together (less procrastinating?)…


Lots of talk about potential media mega-deal involving Walt Disney & 21st Century Fox; There’s new Netflix email scam going around (Here’s how to spot it.); Microsoft launches Xbox One X, what it’s calling “the most powerful video game console in the world”; Whole Foods predicts 2018’s top food trends (Floral flavors, powders, more puffed/popped); Chipotle bets on updated app to help chain recover from missteps; Starbucks slowly builds new bakery brand; Broadcom’s bid could spark wave of chipmaker takeovers; Johnny Depp – facing foreclosure; Black Friday: R.I.P mall-based retailers?


Wall Street is bracing for more signs of the retail apocalypse this week when Macy’s and Nordstrom detail latest pain from loss of mall shoppers; Amazon is cutting prices from third party sellers to draw sales; Broadcom preparing to make unsolicited offer ($70/share) to Qualcomm as early as .. today; Consumer Reports calls for better sunroof regulations amid safety risk; Teenagers are turning backs on Pandora; Dozens of Dairy Queens – closing; George Clooney hints at retirement; Big BMW recall; Altice USA/Sprint partnership; Gas up 7 cents; Pineapples — the new Christmas trees?


Did TripAdvisor remove warnings about tainted alcohol, blackouts, injuries and rapes at Mexican resorts?; New Fed chief to be announced today (Barclay’s expects two rate hikes next year, no matter who it is); Thanksgiving flights to carry record # flyers; registers cryptocurrency domain names; Sears putting ‘the whole store on sale’ to avoid Black Friday crunch; Robinhood, a stock-trading app built for millennials, is….growing up??; An app that could lead you to better auto-loan deal; A high school that requires personal finance courses for graduation; Ten things nobody has told you about the iPhone X (And as an FYI: X-pensive to fix if screen breaks); Fingerling fever…

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