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Super Bowl ‘Sickness’: Nearly 14 million Americans expected to call in sick today; Volatility makes return to markets; Apple Music on track to overtake Spotify in U.S. subscribers, challenging it ahead of IPO; Natty Light giving away $1,000,000 to help grads pay off student loans; The insanely large home 23% of $$ millennials say they want; Sweepstakes scam warning: consumer watchdog isn’t confirming you won a prize; Bitcoin bottoming; Crispy M&Ms chocolate spread (may make you forget Nutella?); Bigger paychecks this month; Waymo-Uber trial; Rosé Vodka…


Is Virgin Atlantic welcoming sexual activity on its new planes?; Facebook usage falls in US as it begins to tinker w/News Feed; Friendly’s releases Nor’easter Pothole ice cream to combat your winter woes; Google launches new tool to help you find cheap flights; Uber jumps on dockless bike-share bandwagon; Elon Musk sells all his flamethrowers (in less than a week!); Men, your testosterone might be making you spend more???; Show someone your love w/a heart-shaped…donut !


Stock market’s two-day decline: pause on the way to more record highs or the start of more meaningful pullback?; Acorns launches personal finance course in partnership w/leading online learning platform; Equifax extends free credit freezes through June 30; Suze Orman says 70 is the ‘new retirement age’–and research backs her up; Best Super Bowl deals on TVs; Persistently weak U.S. dollar; Lunar Trifecta; A cryptocurrency based on…bananas???!!!; Finally, an answer to the age-old question: Can peacocks fly?


In the latest sign of investor euphoria, people are sharing their 401(k) balances (!) on social media….are you??; Coffee meets 7UP in Keurig, Dr. Pepper Snapple deal; Mortgage rates jump to highest point in 4 years…an ominous sign for spring housing?; Consumer spending hits 6-year high…savings – 12-year low; JetBlue’s new cabins will have more seats and less space [Did you know about this, BV?]; Equifax free credit protection ends…tomorrow; Robert De Niro’s new hotel – luxury lover’s dream; Best and worst Pop-Tarts flavors; What’s coming to Netflix in February (and what’s leaving); The $3.50 hot dog that just won a James Beard award…


It’s Opening Day (!!)…for filing taxes…; ATM ‘jackpotting’ hacks hit the US–machines forking over thousands in cash; David Beckham expected to launch long-awaited Major League Soccer franchise in Miami today; Growls are growing over Delta’s new rules for flying w/service animals; Airbnb expanding its Experiences feature to 200 cities; Baby boomers can now live in floating retirement homes?; Red Lobster unveils new Lobsterfest menu items; Gold prices may hit $10,000?!?!?; Elon Musk’s flamethrower–yours for $500; Triple Treat: Supermoon, blue moon and lunar eclipse all coming to a sky near you…


Alexa, who’s going to win the Super Bowl?; # of 401(k) millionaires hits all-time high; Elton John announces retirement from touring; Toilet paper, razors, and baby diapers – about to get cheaper; How much to spend on Valentine’s Day based on how long you’ve been dating; Why Netflix could hike prices again; Be wary of in-flight credit card offers? [NoPo got solicited on way to the gate last week at LGA!]; Scandal at Hollywood’s $75,000-a-year sex club; Ben & Jerry’s new 2018 flavors; Costco’s 3-pound cookie butter cheesecake; Dollar-3-year low; ‘Largest bear market in bonds’ since 1980-81??; GEeeesh!


Market surge ahead!!! ‘If you’re holding cash, you’re going to feel pretty stupid’…so says head of world’s largest hedge fund…; Disney to give $1000 bonuses to > 125,000 workers; Badoo, the majority owner of dating app Bumble, is seeking sale that could value company at $1.5 billion; Gas prices heading up (when they are usually heading down); Snapchat now letting users share some Stories outside the app; Scotchy scotch scotch is now an investment strategy???; Apple expected to release new entry-level 13″ MacBook this year, likely replacing MacBook Air; KFC wings in a DIY drone box; Tissue, please (layoffs @ K-C); King No More: BudweiserWhite Castle is now taking Valentine’s Day dinner reservations.


Netflix reels in customers after price hike, sending stock to new high; United expands service to Mnpls. for Super Bowl LII; Bacardi to acquire Patrón; billionaire owner will cash out; Cheesecake Factory’s famous brown bread to be sold in grocery stores; Why Apple’s Tim Cook keeps his nephew off social media; What success looks like to the average American (define it by new car? more free time? house in ‘burbs?); Millennial pink Kit Kats; Peeps Oreos; Tesla’s pay deal to keep Elon Musk: all or nothing.


No lines! No checkouts! No registers! Amazon’s automated grocery store launches today after year of false starts; Apple leak reveals sudden iPhone X cancellation; Travel advisory issued for Jamaica’s Montego Bay as violent crime spikes; United rolling out upgraded economy seats w/free amenities on international flights; Birch raises $1 million to help you reap best credit card rewards; Keep Starbucks out of our national parks? Yosemite petition now has > 22,000 names; A look at ticket prices for Minneapolis [Text me if you’ve got a box…yeah, you.]; Money truths hidden inside Jay-Z’s lyrics; Money lessons in Netflix’s Polka King; ‘Serial stowaway’; Flu’s price tag..


Investor sentiment buoyed by another record close on Wall Street; Apple announces plans to repatriate billions in overseas cash, says will contribute $350 billion to US economy over next 5 yrs; Mortgage applications rise as borrowers see last chance for lowest rates; Goldman Sachs executive robbed of $1.2 million worth of wine!; Ripple co-founder down $44 billion on paper; Top three best-selling beers in America are all…light beers??; T.J. Maxx’s 22-pound bags of chocolate; Starbucks’s new Everything croissant; “Anything with the word ‘crypt’ in it is a real turnoff for me” – American oil tycoon and one of NoPo’s favorite financiers, T. Boone Pickens

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