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Consumer/Personal Finance 06.06.2017

We’re (not) going to Disney!

Dish ordered to pay $280 million in ‘robocall’ lawsuit; Walmart trying out new delivery service – its employees; Disney park attendance drops as prices rise; Cheddar, the live-streaming financial news network aimed at millennials, making jump from internet to cable TV; Why our credit cards keep getting hacked; Alphabet joins Amazon in $1000 club; Apple keynote highlights; Rosés for summer (a good start here); Inside New York’s $1600/night summer camp for adults…

Consumer/Personal Finance 05.31.2017

Amazon shares briefly surpass $1000 for first time ever….It’s now worth two Walmarts; National Road Yard Sale begins today, w/people hawking their wares along 800 miles of U.S., from Baltimore to St. Louis; 14 billionaires join pledge to donate most of their fortunes to charity; Why more financial advisors may become like Costco–subscription-based; Macademia nuts, cashews recalled for possible listeria contamination; Delta upgrading free snacks selection again (and three of the new snacks are gluten-free); ‘Essential’ smartphone for $699; Pop-Ups.

Consumer/Personal Finance 05.24.2017

Uber admits shortchanging its NYC drivers millions of dollars (How Lyft is responding/what it’s doing right…Editor’s note: Maybe it’s time to switch, but not sure why we won’t?!); Memorial Day gas prices set to be 22% cheaper than average; Frugal retirees ditch 4% rule, hoard savings instead; Sweden has listed the entire country on Airbnb (great marketing campaign); Making off like Madoff — Ironically, the only beneficiary of the Victim Fund is the man running it.; Top five books on Bill Gates’ summer reading list; Backlash: ‘Pill Cosby’ – now pulled from menu at DC restaurant.

Consumer/Personal Finance 05.18.2017

Google’s Siri competitor just launched on the iPhone, and it does a lot of things Siri can’t (even sing!); Target wants shoppers to notice its prices; Household debt tops 2008 peak, but Americans doing much better handling their mortgages, credit cards, and other borrowing; Lyft users can now earn free Delta SkyMiles; Starbucks testing coffee ice cubesShake Shack releases first-ever cookbook; Google For Jobs; Jolly Rancher Pop-Tarts; “McDelivery”

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