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The secret ingredient in this fancy skin care can also be found in…a litter box????; Women say this popular new device to “get rid of cellulite” left them injured; Witchy fashion is 2017’s most exciting, subversive trend; Kate Hudson joins buzz cut club; Radiofrequency facials (What are they, anyway?); Couture outfits made w/McDonald’s packaging; Moschino x Sephora collection; Sugaring vs. waxing; From farm to face–a new generation of natural beauty brands making local provenance a priority..


While the kids are away, the parents will play .. with their faces? Yup–Plastic surgeons are seeing spike in nips and tucks while kids are at sleepaway camp; Sephora is about to change makeup shopping for all of us; Resale site ThredUp launches luxury consignment so it will now feature everything from Gap to Givenchy; ASOS selling sunglasses that are also…earrings?; Anne Hathaway might be next Barbie; Premme is newest plus-size line; Gucci’s Star-Trek-themed fashion.


Museum of Modern Art is opening its first fashion exhibit in 73 years-will feature ‘garments and accessories that have profound effect on world over last century’ (Think: Levi’s 501s, Converse All-Stars); Reef is bringing back its most popular ’80s sandals; Emojis get high-fashion makeover at Saks; Snail slime hits beauty mainstream; Colored sunglass lenses are back; Sephora points now expire (ugh!); Gucci Bloom; J.Lo’s go-to brand for affordable, sexy dresses…


Popular wedding chain Alfred Angelo abruptly closes stores across the country, leaving brides in total panic mode; Estée Lauder and ModiFace create chatbox that lets customers try on lipstick virtually; LPGA wants women’s golf outfits to be less cute; You can now incorporate matcha into your beauty routine; Roger Federer’s super stylish twins; Celebs & Adidas slides; Jewelry line for Game of Thrones.

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