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Fashion/Beauty 06.06.2017

Fanny packs, now often called ‘belt bags,’ are back…

Sooo…what do you think re: swimsuits – too much strapping, wrapping, lace up .. fuss ??; Mickey Drexler leaving CEO job @ J.Crew; Heidi Klum’s fashion label strikes deal w/grocery store chain; Embellished, statement, look-at-me shades poised to have major moment this summer; Pearls are back–and not just for ladies who lunch; Ireland Baldwin lashes out at internet trolls; Chemistry-centric perfumes; Fanny packs

Fashion/Beauty 05.31.2017

Iconic fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld launching makeup line; Size 12 woman asks H&M to change its ‘absolutely ridiculous’ sizing policy; Axed model sues for ‘menstrual anguish’; Heidi Klum poses naked in steamy new photo book; Why going braless is hottest celebrity trend; Ashley Graham, Ashley Graham, Ashley Graham (Editor’s Note: is Ashley Graham the only plus-sized model in the history of the universe or does Ashley Graham just have a really good publicist??)..

Fashion/Beauty 05.25.2017

What would Queen Elizabeth, who has been wearing the same $9 nail polish since 1989, think of the latest fad —  nail art fidget spinners that actually spin?! Right, we know….stupid idea…; Kimora Lee Simmons’ fashion line at center of corruption probe; Bubble face masks bubbling up all over social media; Why so many fashion bloggers now getting into vlogging (YouTube); “2 Jeans Dress” ($445!); The self-made woman behind the country’s hottest anti-wrinkle tool….

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