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FITNESS/DIET 08.10.2017

Energy drinks are a staple of young adulthood (often used to pull all-nighters studying for exams!), but are these drinks a gateway to drug use later in life?; Better hearing, less constipation, and other surprising benefits of exercise; How spicy foods can help you burn an extra 116 calories/day; Best workout order (yes, order!) to get the body you want; Katherine Heigl’s 50-pound pregnancy weight gain (sheer panic!); Most valuable activewear brands on resale sights right now; Modius–for weight loss w/out dieting??; Meet the ‘No BS’ food comparison blogger who is re-educating people on what calories look like..

FITNESS/DIET 08.09.2017

Walking is free, easy, and can get you from A to B, but does it “count” in terms of how much exercise we need?; Janet Jackson shows off post-baby body during tour rehearsal [NoPo editor says much more interesting/clickable than Amal Clooney’s post-baby debut despite the “daring” jumpsuit!]; Alaska Air now cheapest airline to fly w/your bike – by half; Best detergent for workout clothes is century-old soap bar; Surprising place you might find Beyoncé breaking a sweat; Why snack breaks are the new lunch breaks…

FITNESS/DIET 08.03.2017

New activewear collection infused w/jade and fish collagen???; Fitbit says it plans to unveil ‘best health and fitness’ smartwatch later this year (Teens could care less.); Walking is apparently better for burning body fat than running; Strategies for conquering gym anxiety; Hangover hacks from fitness pros; Summer fat traps; Demi Lovato’s toned abs; Road bikes that are more expensive than brand new car; The at-home spin bike that wants to power your Netflix habit…

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