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Fitness/Diet 06.20.2017

ClassPass, which has over 8,500 fitness partners in 39 cities worldwide, raises $70 million; Lululemon in investment, partnership w/cycling startup; Catching up on lost sleep over the weekend may help keep you slim; Top exercises for getting biceps à la Pippa…because you keep asking!; Where to eat fast food if you’re following strict diet (A few options, NOURJ); Downward dog, doctor’s order: yoga as good for low back pain as physical therapy…

Fitness/Diet 06.19.2017

Exercise can make you feel stronger/thinner, and happier overall w/your body, but isn’t key to weight loss; How much you sweat doesn’t necessarily correlate w/how many calories you burn; Michael Phelps says he never consumed 12,000 calories/day..that it was more like 8,000-10,000 (Mitch–Did you ask him about that when you met him last week?); Dimly lit gyms becoming more of a ‘thing’; Best time of day to exercise (Hint: It’s not right now!); Bike to work on Trek’s new Super Commuter + 8S bike? Maybe, but it’s $5000.

Fitness/Diet 06.12.2017

Have you heard about the Sleeping Beauty diet? You know, the diet that recommends you take sedatives to sleep up to 20 hours at a time to avoid food?; Crazy & dangerous!; Owning a dog may help older adults achieve recommended amounts of physical activity; New show called ‘Big Fat Truth’ features ‘Biggest Loser’ winners who regained weight, and shows why; What Kelly Ripa eats in a day to stay so unbelievably fit; Difference between Coke No Sugar, Diet Coke, and Coke Zero; Vibrating yoga pants.

Fitness/Diet 06.08.2017

Sorry, but drinking ice water isn’t going to help you lose weight (Besides, room temperature is so much better!); Why runners today are buying sneakers from lesser-known brands…Ever heard of 361 Degrees? Topo Athletics?; Moms-to-be who eat for two more likely to need C-section; Small frequent meals vs. fewer bigger meals; Calories you actually need per day; Dangers of over-training; Coke No Sugar; A-Rod sexting fitness model??!?! More reports surfacing .. and yes, we’re as shocked as you are.

Fitness/Diet 06.07.2017

What is hydrogen water and why is it the latest craze in specialty waters?; Moderate levels of recreational running may be sweet spot for healthy knees and hips; If you’re able to do high-intensity interval training every day, you’re doing it wrong (Finally…a legitimate reason to stop, but not today – Chris, see you @10:30 class!); Raw vegan diet backed by Gwyneth Paltrow under fire for being ‘dangerous’; Soul Cycle launching Pride Collection; Coffee/better work outs; Dream Job Alert: Missy Elliott looking for dancers….auditions this Friday!

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