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FITNESS/DIET 07.31.2017

Fitness trends debut at international convention in Las Vegas and no surprise: the latest is taking pop culture to the gym (Think: American Ninja Warrior and Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge); Exercise incentives do little to spur gym-going; Beyoncé’s post-baby workout allegedly includes lots of SoulCycle; CliniqueFIT’s gym makeup will last you through an entire hot yoga class; Best sports bras for all sizes; Obesity vs. overweight; The CEO who went from selling drugs and in prison to working w/celebrities on their fitness…

FITNESS/DIET 07.24.2017

Are big veins a sign of fitness? Photo of a Tour de France rider’s prominent veins will have you wondering if you should be creating your own vascular network; Michael Phelps loses race to computer-generated great white; High-fat diet during pregnancy can create depressed offspring; Young women suffering from anorexia have enhanced sense of smell; Your sore muscles are going to love anthocyanins, whey’s newest sidekick..

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