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FITNESS/DIET 11.16.2017

Frustrated dieter? It’s not you, it’s your genes!….Yes, there is such a thing as ‘fault-free’ obesity,’ after all…; Lululemon just dropped its first sneaker collaboration; SoulCycle is heading to London on its stationary bikes; Aerobic exercise: ‘maintenance program for the brain’ ???; The importance of adding weights as you age (helps maintain muscle and lose fat); Record-setting 101-year-old new runner; The fitness CEO who’s revolutionizing the franchise industry just by caring more..

FITNESS/DIET 11.09.2017

So…hmmmm…Seems Snapchat also wants to be a .. fitness app??; New patent suggests…; Silicon Valley’s favorite diet – described as “Atkins on steroids” – is now available in a 3-day meal kit for $210; Shinola unveils its first mechanical watch (capable of surviving 1000-foot dive); Yoga may give lung cancer patients, caregivers a boost; What your doctor hasn’t told you about weight loss; Meatless diet and .. depression??; “Snack” = fat; The perks of fasting, with none of the work…

FITNESS/DIET 11.08.2017

Hello, Halo! Halo Top just announced its first-ever scoop shop and soft serve flavors; Katharine McPhee talks body confidence, the importance of therapy, and her intense workouts; Tracy Anderson’s favorite celebrity workouts; Positive reviews for Weight Watchers ‘diet’ wine thus far (Here’s one of them.); Losing weight via self-love; Motivating yourself to go to the gym on cold, dark days; Last supper ‘binge’ before starting diet – bad idea; Waggit Wearable (just like it sounds); Hungry Girl: how to keep your diet on track while attending holiday parties..

FITNESS/DIET 11.02.0217

The next big diet trend is starving yourself and calling it .. “biohacking”???; Finnair to begin weighing passengers; Fitbit – toast because smartwatches like Samsung’s Gear Sport now exist?; Celebrities helping raise millions by running NYC marathon; High-protein vegetarian dinners that aren’t just [boring] salads; Common terms every runner should know (Fartlek? Bonking?); The start up that lets you pay for gym time by the minute; The Sirtfood celebrity diet that’s taking over the U.S.; Rucking: the simple fitness technique that will change your weight loss routine (for good).

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