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FITNESS/DIET 10.02.2017

With seven-day gym classes and unregulated instructors on Instagram, is our appetite for exercise getting dangerous?; How Athleta is helping breast cancer survivors get back into fitness; # calories you burn doing 39 popular exercises (running, jumping rope, soccer at top of list); Why playing a sport should be your new workout; What nutritionists eat when they’re hungover; “Ugly” sneakers – all the rage this season; Motiv’s fitness ring; Roam Fitness (and other companies) jumping on airport fitness bandwagon; “Healthy” pizza-flavored chips; Oyoga–to get in touch w/your sexuality???

FITNESS/DIET 09.28.2017

Garmin, Disney team up for kid-friendly wearables; Exercise might increase your self control–here’s how; Why it’s so hard to lose belly fat; Fitness gurus who turned a workout passion into a business empire (Like!); The amount of money you can save from losing weight at different ages; Tiger–no more golf?; Resistance band recall/Dick’s Sporting Goods; This fall’s buzziest fitness studios; Lululemon CEO: Retail isn’t dead because people ‘crave human connections’…

FITNESS/DIET 09.27.2017

Whoa—45-year old woman nearly dies after her fat leaks into body during liposuction; Julianne Hough to play fitness pioneer, Betty Weider, in upcoming film, Bigger; Shares of Adidas – hammered by college bribery scandal; All the details on Kate Hudson’s Fabletics shoe line; The model, cook, and boxer who swears by the ring for mental relief; How long you really need to hold a plank to see results (Hint: not as long as you think!); Chef Anthony Bourdain abs – at 61; One potato, two potato, three potato, four…down 117 pounds..

FITNESS/DIET 09.26.2017

Bass Pro Shops’ acquisition of rival outdoor retailer, Cabela’s is complete; Jessica Biel and Gaiam partner for new collection of yoga apparel; What to know about the ‘clever gut diet’ (huhhhh?); Why this celebrity trainer recommends a wearable to all his clients; The rise of competitive fitness (‘It’s like walking through fire’); Small soda tweak for meaningful weight loss; A day in the life of most influential fitness star on earth; Take Every Wave: The Life of Laird Hamilton – out October 6th; “World’s heaviest woman” – dead at 37..

FITNESS/DIET 09.25.2017

ClassPass begins testing variable pricing as it expands beyond studio fitness; Exercise-tracking app, Pact, reaches $1-million settlement after breaking its promise to pay users for working out; Francia Raisa shows off scars at gym after donating kidney to Selena Gomez; Science says regular exercise can make dreams more vivid, but there’s a….catch?; Why you should stop asking, “Have you lost weight?”Jared Leto – abs; Diabulimia: the ‘most dangerous eating disorder’ you’ve probably never heard of…

FITNESS/DIET 09.21.2017

No more ‘bad fat’? A potential weight-loss treatment could make fat burn itself, according to new study; Jamie Foxx to play Mike Tyson in upcoming biopic..filming hasn’t started yet, but training will–soon; ‘Eat less, exercise more’ isn’t the answer for weight loss (Try building ‘breaks’ into your diet????!!!); Relationship between working out and career success; Intermittent fasting mistakes that undo all the good work; What happens to your brain when you go on a diet; Orangetheory Fitness: The fastest-growing women-owned business, and how it’s taking over America..

FITNESS/DIET 09.20.2017

Guess how many glasses of water Tom Brady drinks every day? Up to … 25!!!; 8fit, a global leader in personalized mobile fitness and nutrition programs, announces $10 million in funding; How Emma Stone gained 15 pounds of muscle to play Billie Jean King in new movie, “Battle of the Sexes” (premieres 9/22); Everything you need to know before you try fasting diet to lose weight; What happens when you ditch cardio for weights (amazing transformation); Why fitness franchises are booming; Raisin D’Etre; Joga – one of the many weird fitness trends you should know…

FITNESS/DIET 09.18.2017

A patch to get rid of love handles? Researchers suggest it’s possible; New diet for health ad campaign from Atkins appeals to women to cut the sugars [Ethan, you part of this campaign??!?!!?]; Why high-fiber diets do not always lead to weight loss (Poop tests to help guide diets/dieting in the future?); Padma Lakshmi on the food detox she does after Top Chef; A 28,000-calorie, 10-pound donut from room service; Biggest myths about weight loss; The Twitter ‘mafia’ in health and fitness tech…

FITNESS/DIET 09.14.2017

Gut bacteria may ‘hack’ your body clock, affecting weight; More families cutting dairy completely out of diet; Most nutritious fall produce; Best ice creams for weight loss (Yes, ice creams, and yes, Halo Top tops list!); Obstacle course racing – should you try it?; Spiderbands: a gravity-defying fitness class that’s so much fun you’ll forget you’re exercising!?!

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