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Fitness/Diet 06.06.2017

New fitness trend .. or is that a stretch?!

Did you know that it can take just two weeks to get out of shape?? Whoa!; What research says about cinnamon water, appetite, and weight loss; Single best diet for overall health (You got it — vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins as opposed to, say, Slim Fast or the baby food diet, which I keep talking about…); More people riding bikes means more bike accidents; Stretch studios are the chill, trendy antidote to high-intensity workouts like Crossfit; Lululemon CEO says “future of retail is bright”; How the first woman to run the Boston Marathon is still running marathons – at age 70!

Fitness/Diet 06.05.2017

Do you know what your resting metabolic rate is? Me, either…but find out because it can apparently guide your diet…Celebrity trainer, Tracy Anderson bringing her fitness tips to masses w/Sirius XM radio show (Mondays @ noon, starting June 19th); Vegan fast-casual chain you’ve never heard of expanding nationwide; Facial exercise (???) is L.A’s newest fitness phenomenon; Why keeping weight off is harder than losing it; Meet the solo rock climber who scaled Yosemite’s 3000-foot El Capitan wall…without a rope!

Fitness/Diet 05.30.2017

No motivation to exercise? Focus less on intensity, and more on happiness; Boutique fitness studios breaking a sweat to multiply rapidly; ‘Goat Yoga’ classes now selling out across the country; Working out is a habit the wealthy tend to have in common; 2019 Tour de France to start in Brussels; Baby food diets are for babies (waaahhhh); Revelation 101: It’s not the alcohol that’s making you fat – it’s the impact it has on your decision-making, according to new research conducted by Harvard professor.

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