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FITNESS/DIET 01.29.2018

Secret US bases inadvertently revealed on fitness-tracking map; Cops yank Instagram fitness star off American Airlines flight after argument w/Attendant–necessary/not necessary??; Outdoor gear sales take hit [Yup–millennials…changing tastes yada yada…]; Smiling could help you get more out of your running workouts?; What ballet dancers eat; Plank – the one exercise most commonly done wrong; Zeamo (to access perfect gym when traveling); Hack your fitness: supercharge w/a virtual night run..

FITNESS/DIET 01.24.2018

Are you a chronic stress eater? Do you go crazy for carbs? Good news: It’s not your fault–your brain chemistry (!!!) might be to blame; Nike’s out w/a new running shoe that’s all about maximalism (as opposed to barefoot minimalism of past few years–thank gaaad!); Halle Berry’s go-to ab exercise for strong core–no gym required;  Pain after exercise…..what’s the deal w/that?; How I get it done: Niki Leondakis, CEO of Equinox…

FITNESS/DIET 01.23.2018

Americans spend more money on fitness than college tuition? New study breaks down the numbers….; Orangetheory Fitness founder opening hundreds of new gyms nationally [Workout worth every penny!!]; What women recovering from eating disorders actually face in the New Year; Why being a fitness instructor should be your side hustle [Think: perks]; Bringing your kids to the gym – trendy, but is this good idea?…bad?; Grease your chains and pump your tires: A 180-mile Yellowstone bike trail is in the works…

FITNESS/DIET 01.22.2018

If you like the salad bar, made-to-order smoothies, or the “fresh” sushi from your local Exxon, this one’s for you – Reebok is looking to pump up wellness initiatives and turn gas stations into fitness hubs!; Bob Harper says #1 key to weight loss isn’t diet or exercise…it’s managing stress..and if not properly managed, you could be setting yourself up for an evening bender (especially if already prone to binge-eating); Study suggests ‘hot’ yoga no better for the heart than regular yoga; And the germiest machine at the gym is…

FITNESS/DIET 01.18.2018

Electric bikes may be all the rage right now, but when it comes to stationary, how about the Schwinn Classic Cruiser??? It’s the latest from Nautilus…; Chart-topping fitness app ‘Sweatcoin’ secures funding; Why you should incorporate ELDOA (?) into your fitness routine; What’s behind our bottled water obsession; High-fat diet & prostate cancer; Sunlight and weight-loss goals (could help); Most-Googled questions about exercise; Signs you’re getting fitter even if the scale hasn’t budged

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