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HEALTH & WELLNESS 01.11.2018

Blood shortage: Red Cross in ‘urgent’ need of donations; More E. Coli cases identified: Consumer Reports says romaine lettuce still risk to eat; Hi-tech nail art might prevent skin cancer; Vitamin-enhanced water – better for you than regular water?; Oprah Winfrey’s 5 rules to a better life; A new online tool that can tell you if you’re an alcoholic (since alcohol-linked ER visits are, ahem, rapidly rising); On the Road Again … soon? Willie Nelson health issues…

HEALTH & WELLNESS 01.10.2018

Once the wellness set’s favorite ‘healthy’ obsession, juice cleanses are now past their expiration date; No such thing as ‘text neck’   mobile phone use/strain dismissed by research; Working the night shift could raise your cancer risk; Vegan condoms (?) hitting market in more mainstream way; Supergoop’s new Unseen sunscreen will protect you from blue light emitted by electronic devices; Ghee — superfood ingredient of 2018?; Smelling your lover’s shirt may make you less stressed…

HEALTH & WELLNESS 01.03.2018

Bone-chilling weather has been attributed to at least a dozen deaths; Drinking trendy ‘raw water’ can give you all sorts of horrible diseases; Common anti-smoking drug may raise stroke, heart attack risk; Obscure vomiting illness linked to long-term pot use; Why no one can decide whether eggs are good or bad for you; A cleansing juice recipe from the Missoni family; McDonald’s “fresh beef” burger; Sneak Peak: Waldhotel, Switzerland’s newest wellness retreat…

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