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HEALTH & WELLNESS 08.15.2017

Since the flea story out of AZ has you worried and since you asked…Yes, you can still get bubonic plague–here’s what to look out for…A few drinks may prolong life, but heavy drinking may shorten it (So, like, drink in moderation?!); Cardiac stem cells from young hearts could rejuvenate old hearts; Tiger Rx cocktail revealed; Fresh air for health; No garlic for Queen Elizabeth; Meet the ‘vegan mafia,’ a secret group of investors betting on the future of food…

HEALTH & WELLNESS 08.14.2017

For years you’ve heard that low-fat dairy products are healthier, but new research suggests that foods like whole milk yogurt may actually be better; Willie Nelson ‘on my mind’ following health scare (breathing problems/altitude sickness?); Better-tasting tomato juice (Scientists are working on it!); A new device to more accurately measure blood pressure; Wellness rather than beauty….that was the message at last week’s annual International Spa Association event, which NoPo never misses…

HEALTH & WELLNESS 08.10.2017

Alcohol abuse in U.S. is increasing as researchers warn of ‘public health crisis’; Strokes on decline in men but not women; Scientists report progress on “liquid biopsies” for cancer screening; Oprah is bringing her health kick to supermarket aisles; Cindy Crawford’s new moisturizer protects skin against harmful blue lights (??) emitted by our phones, TVs, tablets, computer screens and other electronic devices; These supplements slash your risk of dementia in half…

HEALTH & WELLNESS 08.09.2017

More younger people dying of colorectal cancer and researchers don’t know why; Athleta is hosting free, 30-minute meditation events nationwide starting today; The way you use Instagram can show if you’re depressed; Papa John’s ‘gluten-free’ pizza is not for those w/celiac disease; Shannen Doherty debuts new haircut post-chemo; Swaps for sugary Happy Hour drinks that are sabotaging your health; Healthiest snacks you can find at the…gas station (Since you’re on the road as much as I am…); Webster is the therapy duck who will waddle his way into your heart; RIP ‘Rhinestone Cowboy’ Glen Campbell…the very public face of Alzheimer’s disease..

HEALTH & WELLNESS 08.07.2017

Loneliness epidemic growing into biggest threat to public health—deadlier than obesity???; Smartphone era is creating mental health crisis in teens; Saks is capitalizing on ‘wellness’ w/its prison-style bootcamp; Copper cocktail mugs could give you food poisoning; Younger partners and marital bliss (short-lived); Your zip code & your health; Best places in America to age in place; Meet SMALT, the “interactive centerpiece” that tracks your salt consumption…

HEALTH & WELLNESS 08.03.2017

Pass the salt? No, wait – don’t!!!! New study shows amount of salt a typical adult consumes each day may be enough to damage heart muscle; In breakthrough, scientists edit out gene defect; Impossible Foods, the company behind the meat-free Impossible Burger, raises another $75 million (Bill Gates is an investor.); Ryan Seacrest hosting star-studded “Paddle & Party for Pink” this weekend to benefit Breast Cancer Research Foundation (Last year, event brought in record-breaking $1.9 million); Drinking organic wine won’t prevent hangover; Signs you’re not eating enough protein; Why more celebrities are backing health & wellness companies; Massive meditation event coming to Madison Square Garden; Trying to understand What Made Maddy Run – new book covers Madison Holleran, social media, and dangers of perfection…

HEALTH & WELLNESS 08.02.2017

Want a smaller waistline? Researchers say you need more sleep!; 23andMe recruiting 25,000 people for study on depression and bipolar disorder (Any interest, Elon Musk?); World’s oldest family says oatmeal is key to long life (Queen Elizabeth, 91, is on the four cocktails/day program, but whatev…you decide); Study shows link between history of gum disease and increased cancer risk in older women; Why cycling may be best way to handle Parkinson’s; Best cruises for wellness and good health; Mindful aging (what it is and why you should be doing it); Top five regrets of the dying…

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