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HEALTH & WELLNESS 09.21.2017

While extended sitting has been linked to all sorts of health issues, new study finds that standing for long periods of time might not be good for you, either; Yahoo’s former VP of Mobile launches YaDoggie, a dog wellness startup; CVS amps up campaign against tobacco at colleges; HPV screening better at detecting cervical cancer than pap smear; World is running out of antibiotics; Panera CEO vs. Happy Meals; KIND Bar recall – lack of walnut declaration; Vaccine for .. tooth decay???; Kombucha facts you should know before giving it a try; Vegan Halloween chocolates that will make you forget dairy even existed…

HEALTH & WELLNESS 09.18.2017

What’s killing the world? High blood pressure, poor diet, tobacco, huge new study says; Gwyneth Paltrow opens Goop lab w/help of celebrity friends; Apple is hiring someone to make Siri a better therapist; New cholesterol test no longer requires fasting; All over-40s should have diabetes check; Selena Gomez and why lupus is the women’s health issue you should know about; Tom Brady ‘diet’ — help w/orthopedic woes?; Menopause & sleeplessness; Steel-cut vs. rolled outs; Your Apple Watch or Fitbit will soon diagnose by design, not by chance..

HEALTH & WELLNESS 09.14.2017

Not tonight?! And probably not tomorrow night .. or the next .. or the next? Sex drives decline twice as much in women than men in long-term relationships; Cervical cancer screening and why age matters; Kombucha – now a staple in many office kitchens; The super green that’s a stronger anti-inflammatory than turmeric…and more nutrient dense than kale, too?? [Beckett, you know what it is!]; Itchy skin at night: causes, conditions, and relief; Sweet (and therapeutic) truth about salt caves; Larry King – secret lung cancer diagnosis; Alert: Food recall app; Another day, another story about red wine being good for you…

HEALTH & WELLNESS 09.13.2017

Moving your body every half hour could help limit harmful effects of desk jobs and other sedentary lifestyles; For many women, cervical cancer screening may get a lot simpler; Genetics testing company 23andMe raises another $250 million for consumer disease-risk tests, drug research & development; How to embrace old age if feeling it; Signs you’re suffering from more than just stress; An extreme office wellness plan (wants to feed you three meals/day); Hint of link between flu vaccine & miscarriage; Vitamin World – bankrupt; Best tropical wellness retreats for fall..

HEALTH & WELLNESS 09.12.2017

Multistate outbreak of campylobacter infections linked to contact w/puppies sold through Petland; CVS rolling out new vending machines (select locations), stocked w/on-the-go items ranging from over-the-counter-medications, deodorant to health & wellness products; E-cigarettes containing nicotine could increase risk of heart attacks and strokes; Regular bleach use associated w/increased risk of fatal lung disease; Kate Hudson’s ‘lazy’ remark about C-sections slammed by angry moms; Lady Gaga’s struggle w/chronic pain — Netflix documentary (debuts 9/22); Nuts, avocados, olive oil = smart; Happiest and unhappiest states in America…

HEALTH & WELLNESS 09.11.2017

Want better sleep? Keep your pet in your bedroom, study says; You’ll remember more if you take notes w/pen & paper .. instead of laptop; Being tall may be good for your self-esteem and paycheck, but may adversely affect various aspects of your physical health; Fitbit’s new partnership will bring diabetes monitoring to the Ionic smartwatch; ‘Age in place’ (How self-driving cars will transform retirement); Goop‘s first print magazine; 4 wellness trends you need to know about, including stretching labs and dedicated meditation studios…

HEALTH & WELLNESS 09.07.2017

Blood clot risk – and other problems – might be tied to how tall you are???; Ketogenic diet could help you live longer, but also lead to weight gain; Good and bad news on aspirin and colon cancer: study; Turmeric latte now available nationwide at Le Pain Quotidien (What say you, Starbucks?); Dandelion greens – sprouting on menus like….weeds; What a few nights of sleep apnea can do to the body; Why sugar makes you so thirsty; Handheld ‘pen’ that detects cancer in seconds; America’s cleanest cities ..

HEALTH & WELLNESS 09.06.2017

Researchers turn spotlight on new class of drugs that target aging; Plastic fibers found in tap water around the world; Scientists identify another way in which your gut health and mental health are linked; Being heavy is bad for your heart, even if you’re otherwise healthy; Getting tested for prostate cancer may be worth it after all; Zika virus may be effective against brain cancer; Financial stress & its impact on health (migraines, depression, ulcers, and more); How to eat right when you work from home…

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