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Health & Wellness 06.22.2017

The data is in: flu vaccine did poor job protecting older Americans against the illness last winter; Extra virgin oil staves off Alzheimer’s, preserves memory; Physical exercise may help improve thinking skills in adults 50 or older; Drug shows promise against vision-robbing disease in seniors; How much water you should be drinking based on your weight; Arthritis from… texting?; Best ways to use Trader Joe’s cauliflower pizza crust (Hope, this one’s for you!).

Health & Wellness 06.21.2017

Ut oh – Tick linked to unusual malady appears to be spreading; Scientists are using dirty socks to understand why some people are mosquito magnets; FItbit developing devices for sleep apnea; Many Americans taking too much Vitamin D; Steve Harvey’s Little Big Shots: Forever Young premieres tonight; Red onions over white; Grocery carts & germs; Healthiest oils; Gwyneth Paltrow on media company Goop: ‘It would be my dream not to have to be the face of it’ .. [Insert eye roll here]

Health & Wellness 06.20.2017

Time does not mend broken heart???? OMG, say it ain’t so! Pleeeeeaaaaase!; Women are flocking to wellness because modern medicine still doesn’t take them seriously; Compounds present in turmeric, red grape, and apple peel have potential to ‘starve’ prostate cancer cells; Chick-fil-A adds gluten-free bun to menu; Carrie Fisher autopsy – whoa; Med aid for Tiger; The rise of pottery and why we all need some soulcraft in our lives…

Health & Wellness 06.15.2017

Can stress actually cause you to lose your teeth? Experts weigh in, per Demi Moore’s recent admission on Tonight Show; Apple quietly working on turning your iPhone into one-stop shop for all your medical information; Why aspirin may be more dangerous for older people; Negative effects re: ingesting activated charcoal (especially where pregnancy prevention concerned); Proliferation of “wellness on water” initiatives; Best new healthy Trader Joe’s products; The gray divorce; How this ‘fat femme’ yoga instructor is reshaping $3-trillion wellness industry…

Health & Wellness 06.13.2017

How do you get more people to eat their greens? Give vegetables seductive names, say researchers! Like, duh!!; Virtual sexual health clinic ‘Biem’ taking stigma out of getting tested; Bouldering helps w/anxiety and depression; Teff is superfood you should be eating; Wire grill brush dangers; What happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas, after all–More cases of Legionnaires popping up beyond the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino – from New York police precinct to two fitness clubs in LA!!

Health & Wellness 06.08.2017

Stop drinking shots of apple cider vinegar? Like, now?!; Marriage boosts your survival chances if you have major heart risk factor; Eating late may wreak havoc on your body (Effects beyond weight gain, including an increase in insulin, cholesterol levels, and more!); White bread just as healthy as brown bread for some people; Natural protection from mosquitos and sun; The mind-altering, de-stressing beverage that wellness insiders are obsessed w/right now; Butterbur for allergies??; Crystal bed therapy????; Your chatbox therapist will see you now …

Health & Wellness 06.07.2017

It’s not me .. it’s YOU – bed partners may be to blame for chronic insomnia; Why experts are worried about next flu pandemic; Weight training is most important form of training for overall health & wellness; 20 diseases most commonly searched for on Google; The rise of silence retreats, spas, and studios; Medical marvels from your kitchen drawer (how everyday items have inspired life-saving treatments); ‘Yellow pills’ – beware!; More sex = longer lives…

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