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Health & Wellness 05.25.2017

Will nettle tea help my allergies?; Wildfire Initiative is the latest “wellness collection” to hit the West Coast and it’s spreading like….wildfire? So much so that Russell Simmons wants IN (Think: investment); Extreme old age linked to new gene variants; Scott Disick gives Bella Thorne – who? – poolside breast exam (Sorry, couldn’t resist!); One-hr. walk, 3X/week has benefits for dementia; Fruits and vegetables for healthier arteries; New, high protein snack that is better-for-you take on childhood favorite, the Rice Krispies Treat.

Health & Wellness 05.10.2017

Marijuana might improve memory in aging brains?; Motivational temporary tattoos helping people deal w/mental illness; Eating cheese does not increase risk of heart attack or stroke; This is the most popular day of the week to have sex…and since you just asked, No, it’s not today….or right now…unless you’re P Diddy–then it’s all day, every day, according to his former chef…

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