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HEALTH & WELLNESS 08.01.2017

Can sugar make you sad? New study finds a connection; U.S. hospitals set record for fast heart attack care; Scientists edge closer to elusive lab test for ‘chronic fatigue syndrome’; 13 Reasons Why tied to rise in suicide searches online; CVS Health takes more baby steps toward walking the walk on healthy living; Alcohol found to improve memory; Avocados getting cheaper; What the beach does to your brain; Yet another reason to drink green tea (could help combat negative health implications of Western diet)..

HEALTH & WELLNESS 07.27.2017

The myth of antibiotics: ‘Complete the course’ won’t stop resistance, researchers say; Angelina Jolie reveals Bell’s Palsy diagnosis; Macademia nuts are now officially heart healthy; Why being a woman puts you at greater risk of having anxiety; How to lower your blood pressure numbers in two weeks; Best sun-protective clothing brands; Foods to eat from your 20s to your 70s (Each decade requires different type of TLC); Healthy menu items–do they really sell?

HEALTH & WELLNESS 07.26.2017

Your best chance at living a long, healthy life is incontestably low tech (Don’t smoke. Don’t become obese. Lay off the booze.), and….oh…being neurotic helps, too?; Contaminants in water are legal, but still pose big health risks; Link between football and traumatic brain injury continues to strengthen; More evidence that owning a dog is really good for you; Dramatic declines in sperm count due to ‘modern life’; Vegan ice cream comes of age; Wellness Trends 2018 – Share your predictions!

HEALTH & WELLNESS 07.20.2017

One of the hottest trends in anti-aging right now is .. blood plasma treatments????; Interrupted sleep may lead to Alzheimer’s;  Long work hours tied to irregular heart rhythm; Medical advice via Doctor “Google” may not be best; Ambulance wait times are up; Why Americans are having less sex; Stress & brain aging; Decadent airport spa treatments; Study examines: Does a larger glass of wine make you drink faster – or slowwww—-errrrrr? NoPo Editor suggests plastic cups regardless…

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