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HEALTH & WELLNESS 10.02.2017

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month – key terms you should know .. and how to make biggest impact w/your donations; Internet shopping is harming your physical health; Losing sense of smell may signal onset of dementia in older adults; Wellness retreats that are perfect for fall getaways; Angelina Jolie – insomnia/weight loss/exhaustion/stress post Pitt split?; Non-browning apples – now in U.S. stores; Surprising ways eating too much sugar could affect your mental health; The healthy habit that triples your risk for heart attack (Warning: Don’t work out when angry!); New reality of old age in America…

HEALTH & WELLNESS 09.28.2017

File this under I am thankful, I am thankful, I am thankful – Man’s suspected cancer tumor turns out to be toy he inhaled .. 40 years ago!!!; Celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver sued over false ‘gluten-free’ labels; Wellness blogger fined for fake cancer tale; Why you should wash your towels more often than you probably do (E.coli!); How cashew apple juice became Africa’s new power drink; More evidence that even a little exercise is good for your heart; What older women wish they could tell their younger selves; Exhaustion & silent UTIs (There’s a connection–who knew?); A smartphone that will make mosquitos go away; Carbonated milk…the next sparkling water?; Kale, yeah –  $1/bunch @ Whole Foods–now through 10/3.

HEALTH & WELLNESS 09.27.2017

Being in a good mood can affect how well flu vaccine protects you???; Health experts issue warning about Lyme Disease hotspots in UK (namely south of England and Scottish Highlands in case you’re wondering, JRG); More STD cases recorded in 2016 than ever before; Unilever unveils Lipton wellness teas w/herbs and essential oils; Instagram launches ‘Kindness Stickers’ to make community…kinder; Hoda Kotb to host live breast cancer summit on Today; Steven Tyler-‘unexpected medical issues’; New in gut health: fungi’s impact on the body; Broccoli: a hipster cannabis lifestyle magazine run entirely by women, about women…

HEALTH & WELLNESS 09.26.2017

Morning Brew Backlash: Would a cancer warning stop you from drinking coffee??; New research shows how exercise rejuvenates cells, extends lifespan; Connection: Antidepressants & weight gain??; A test that can determine whether you’ve outgrown a food allergy; Foods that fight inflammation and pain; Most Googled sex questions; ‘Pepper X’ – said to be world’s hottest chili; Why it’s so risky for heart patients to stop taking daily aspirin; The dairy-free ice cream that might be Halo Top for vegans?!?!?!

HEALTH & WELLNESS 09.25.2017

‘Catastrophic’ lack of sleep in modern society is killing us!; World’s first all vegan ocean cruise sets sail today; Gwyneth Paltrow wants to do ‘radical wellness’ TV show; Ikigai (??) is the latest new lifestyle principle promising to boost your well-being (It’s about taking action to boost happiness.); Demi Lovato named Mental Health Ambassador for Global Citizen; Meth in your 7-Up: a warning to Americans traveling to Mexico; Conscious buyer’s guide to safe seafood; Facial dimensions & sex drive (Beware men w/wide faces!); Fall superfoods..

HEALTH & WELLNESS 09.21.2017

While extended sitting has been linked to all sorts of health issues, new study finds that standing for long periods of time might not be good for you, either; Yahoo’s former VP of Mobile launches YaDoggie, a dog wellness startup; CVS amps up campaign against tobacco at colleges; HPV screening better at detecting cervical cancer than pap smear; World is running out of antibiotics; Panera CEO vs. Happy Meals; KIND Bar recall – lack of walnut declaration; Vaccine for .. tooth decay???; Kombucha facts you should know before giving it a try; Vegan Halloween chocolates that will make you forget dairy even existed…

HEALTH & WELLNESS 09.18.2017

What’s killing the world? High blood pressure, poor diet, tobacco, huge new study says; Gwyneth Paltrow opens Goop lab w/help of celebrity friends; Apple is hiring someone to make Siri a better therapist; New cholesterol test no longer requires fasting; All over-40s should have diabetes check; Selena Gomez and why lupus is the women’s health issue you should know about; Tom Brady ‘diet’ — help w/orthopedic woes?; Menopause & sleeplessness; Steel-cut vs. rolled outs; Your Apple Watch or Fitbit will soon diagnose by design, not by chance..

HEALTH & WELLNESS 09.14.2017

Not tonight?! And probably not tomorrow night .. or the next .. or the next? Sex drives decline twice as much in women than men in long-term relationships; Cervical cancer screening and why age matters; Kombucha – now a staple in many office kitchens; The super green that’s a stronger anti-inflammatory than turmeric…and more nutrient dense than kale, too?? [Beckett, you know what it is!]; Itchy skin at night: causes, conditions, and relief; Sweet (and therapeutic) truth about salt caves; Larry King – secret lung cancer diagnosis; Alert: Food recall app; Another day, another story about red wine being good for you…

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