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HEALTH & WELLNESS 02.05.2018

Flu epidemic is not letting up, with 42 states reporting high levels of activity; Sakara Life, the eat-clean meal delivery kit supermodels are using, taps new new market: Middle America!; Cell phone radiation study finds more questions than answers; Drinking a couple glasses of wine/day can keep your brain clean?; Why you’re still going to be miserable–even if you do spend less time on Facebook; Hopeful new signs of relief for migraine sufferers; Cannabis-infused bath products that can help w/anxiety, pain; Pickle juice shots!

HEALTH & WELLNESS 01.30.2018

Get your flu shot yet? I know, you’re probably not bothering given that it’s not very effective, but reminding you anyway since just saw research suggesting this might be the nudge you need (and since you are going to the Super Bowl….); Barefoot paradise beach walk leads to parasitic foot infection; Gwyneth Paltrow’s latest wellness secret is surprisingly….simple (nightly baths!); Cupping – as painful as it looks?; Everything to know about ‘mindful drinking’ (the latest health craze); Ben & Jerry’s new nondairy ice creams

HEALTH & WELLNESS 01.29.2018

As flu season rages on, hitting Baby Boomers unusually hard (!), you’ve probably been washing your hands copiously, staying away from anyone “under the weather,” and dodging handshakes left and right…time to take prevention a step further and wear a surgical mask?; Health nuts spend hundreds at Goop’s NYC summit; Workplace wellness programs aren’t working (not saving companies $; not making employees any healthier); Consumer Reports says it’s OK to eat romaine lettuce again; Mushroom ‘cure’ for blues?; Facebook wants to know who or what you sleep with…#nosy

HEALTH & WELLNESS 01.24.2018

Salmonella Alert! Tainted Jimmy John’s raw sprouts are making people sick–again; Schmidt’s Naturals announces line of oral care products infused w/unlikely health ingredients: superfood extracts, vitamins, magnolia bark, and more…will consumers take the dental bait?; The new ALS Challenge involves hot peppers [Yes – we think it sounds dangerous.]; The case against juice – stronger than ever; Cancer could be spotted by technology ‘several months’ before it occurs?; Why travel is good for your mental health; How to cope w/yet another Patriots trip to the Super Bowl [This one’s for you, Jon–wink, wink…]…

HEALTH & WELLNESS 01.22.2018

Peace be with you, but handshakes, kisses, or wine sharing!: As flu season gets even worse, some Catholic dioceses around the country are tweaking services to keep parishioners healthy; Nordstrom joins wellness movement w/”Well Beauty” outposts – featuring everything from supplements, aromatherapy to sleep and self-care merchandise; Delta clamps down on ‘support animals’ [FYI, Ellen–‘Bunny’ is going to require more paperwork starting 3/1]; What an internet rehabilitation program (?!) is really like; The humble ascent of oat milk; Yet another reason not to eat fast food (may damage your immune system)…

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