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HEALTH & WELLNESS 11.06.2017

Goop for men? This new site targets the $3.7 trillion wellness industry; Scientists engineer tomatoes designed to keep you young; Butterball is (quietly) going organic; Your ‘gluten sensitivity’ could be explained by something else found in wheat; Costco’s popular $5 rotisserie chicken — is it healthy?; Top-rated light therapy boxes for seasonal depression; What would happen if all Americans went vegan; Medical first: doctors attempt to gene-edit a living patient’s DNA.

HEALTH & WELLNESS 11.15.2017

With stricter guidelines, do you have high blood pressure now? If a “stage one” patient w/blood pressure between 130/80 and 140/90, you’ll likely be advised to lose weight, exercise, change diet before trying medication; Feds prepare for new war on kratom, an herbal drug many swear by; New study suggests Apple Watch can accurately detect hypertension and sleep apnea; Best airbnbs for health-conscious travelers; Making the most of darker, shorter days; ‘NutriBullet’ Bombshell.

HEALTH & WELLNESS 11.14.2017

Turns out, mother was right (yet again!!) when she told you not to eat so quickly (and it has nothing to do with how unattractive it is): New research shows that eating slowwww-lllll-y could help you live longer by preventing heart problems and diabetes; Blood pressure of 130 is the new ‘high,’ according to first update of guidelines in 14 years (new range means nearly half of Americans have hypertension); Adding an extra cup of coffee/day can reduce risk of heart failure and stroke??; Millennials and the wellness travel market (how they’re disrupting it); Digital pill – a first; Bill Gates’ newest mission: curing Alzheimer’s (hence his $100 million personal investment)..

HEALTH & WELLNESS 11.09.2017

Flu season is here and experts are already concerned; Emerging research suggests that eating late at night can increase susceptibility to heart disease and diabetes; Cannabinoids may be effective for treating cancer; What you should know about almond milk; The real risk of buying medical marijuana online; One negative of apple cider vinegar you never knew about; The latest bizarre health craze is eating ‘fat balls‘??????; For every two pounds you gain, you lose this much time off your life.

HEALTH & WELLNESS 11.08.2017

Experts warn: Alcohol – even in moderation – may increase risk of certain cancers; Lush introduces new way to cure your insomnia; Adding other therapy to exercise may be best for fall prevention; Why darker days may be making you SAD (and how to fix it); Sugar alternatives – really any healthier than the white stuff?; Amy’s Drive Thru – first 100% vegetarian fast food restaurant; Pink salt (?); An at-home DNA test that tells you what anti-aging products to use…

HEALTH & WELLNESS 11.07.2017

Sleep deprivation impairs you as much as being drunk: study; CVS to offer nationwide next-day delivery in preemptive shot at Amazon; The startup behind chewable coffee launches performance-enhancing ‘superhuman fuel’; How the body processes alcohol; Health lessons from a woman who hasn’t taken a sick day in 30 years; Mumps comeback (even among the vaccinated); High-protein diets – damage your kidneys?; Preventative steps to lower breast cancer risk; Trader Joe’s holiday almond eggnog; Oh, the places your blood will go after you donate it..

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