1) Whatever you did fitness-wise prior to pregnancy you can continue with slight modifications. With doctor’s consent, of course…the rules you must follow are:

  • Listen to your body – If something feels off, you experience pain or pressure, back off.
  • The Talk Test – As long as you can still speak while exercising, you are safe!
  • Laying flat after the 2nd Trimester – I’ve had clients who were fine laying flat, so I asked my doctor, and he laughed saying, “Of course you can! Listen to your body…you would feel a shortness of breath if there was a problem. Every woman is different.” If you feel a shortness of breath or tightness in your chest, prop your head above your heart.
  • Absolutely no…twisting, crunching, or heavy overhead lifting – After your first visit to the doctor, you’ve had a ton of information thrown at you, you’re given a pat on the back and are expected to have all the answers?? Here’s some clarity…
    • Avoid twisting your torso from your hips and lower abs.
    • Crunching is banned for two reasons…you don’t want to crush the baby (It would take more than a single crunch to do that!) and you don’t want to create Diastasis Recti, also known as splitting of the abs as your stomach is growing.
    • Lifting heavy overhead is frowned upon because your core is compromised and the risk of compressing your spine is higher. Make sure to lighten the weight as you get further along.

2) Increase your water intake…be creative It can be extremely boring drinking only water for 9 months, so infuse it with fruit, mint, basil or even sparkling water! Make sure you drink as much as possible to keep the baby, your digestive tract, and skin happy!

3) Incorporate these 3 moves into your fitness routine to keep your core strong and ward off the aforementioned Diastasis Recti, the separation of your abdominal wall which, astoundingly, happens to 2/3 of all pregnant women.

Pelvic Tilts – Lay on the floor with your knees bent/feet flat. Inhale filling your lungs with air, arch your back, then exhale all the air from your belly smashing your back into the ground.

Side Planks – Lay on your side, with your forearm stacked below your shoulder. Stack your legs and feet and lift your body up. You can modify by using your top leg as a kickstand, or on your knees.

Single Leg Floor Slides – Lay on the floor with your knees bent/feet flat. Place gliders, paper plates, or towels under your feet. Slowly inhale as you slide one foot away from the body keeping your low back pressed into the ground. As your exhale, slowly drag your foot back to starting position. Repeat on the other side.

4) Moisturize, Exfoliate and…Circulation Stockings When you’re pregnant your skin is dry, and stretching to accommodate a growing belly, cellulite and acne can become prominent and your feet and legs ache and swell…so what do you do? Exfoliate everything from your face to your feet, and moisturize using natural products – daily.  This will help keep stretch marks and acne at bay. Put your feet up at the end of each day, or soak in lukewarm water with Epsom salt to ease swelling and pain.  You may also want to consider investing in circulation stockings.

5) Recovery is AS IMPORTANT AS YOUR WORKOUT! Your body’s ability to recover is compromised, since it’s hard at work creating a human life and that takes a lot of energy! So give yourself a break. Sleep more, take naps if you have to. Get massages from a pre-natal certified therapist as often as you can. Get a facial from somewhere that uses natural ingredients and works with pre-natal clients. Take a pre-natal yoga class, or do anything that makes you feel good and gives you energy.

With nearly a decade in the fitness industry, Nedra, who is certified through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), and holds numerous specialty certifications (in Kettlebell Athletics, Pre-Natal/Post Partum, Group Fitness TRX, Group Fitness Training (ACE) and Guided Stretching and Manipulation) brings a fresh approach to creating change in the body.

While Nedra has a cult-like following (from high school and college students to working moms) due to her hands-on, detail-oriented, yet fun style of personal training, she is best known for her success preparing brides for the big day.

She is also widely recognized and as the ‘Mommy Guru’ due to her success training moms to stay healthy and fit – both before and after pregnancy.

Now going through her own personal pregnant fitness journey, Nedra has created a unique, results-oriented method that combines the functionality of strength training, pilates, core exercises, kettlebells, yoga, and TRX.

Nedra is married to Alex Matosov, and they are owners of The P.E. Club in New York City.  They additionally make house calls, host wellness retreats, and take on special one-on-one training sessions all over the country.