What can we expect this fall? WILD. Think: Animal print – cheetah.

Still blossoming, floral is a trend that keeps growing, and corduroy has made a comeback…now that makes me feel old…

As for Autumn’s evening directive? Shine bright like a diamond…A lot of top to toe sparkle…

For retail shoppers, it’s experience, experience, experience: stores stripped back to gallery-esq bareness, DJ’s DJ-ing (I just spent two days trawling Maison et Object in Paris, a lot of DJ’s were DJ-ing in furniture booths there!), velvet sofas, houseplants, ceramics, coffee table books on coffee tables, drinks being served .. ultimately a lot more socializing than shopping...

Regardless, my top picks for Fall Essentials, 2017:

Cross body cartridge bags, with thick canvas straps…how lucky I just designed one….Burgundy and Black.

HAT ATTACK hat in oatmeal…hand-crafted, cut, sewn, and trimmed by those dedicated to preserving the craft of traditional hat-making..

Ralph Lauren Fisherman’s sweater, navy blue white stripes cotton cashmere – a classic

Monogrammed phone case from Willow of London

Converse high tops in denim blue – for a style you can rely on

Onslow tortoise shell sunglasses from Finlay & Co. – cheeky style w/small rounded lenses and slender frame inspired by spectacles from the 1930s; handcrafted


India Hicks, an author, model, entrepreneur, TV personality, is best known for her eponymous lifestyle brand. The daughter of famed designer David Hicks, India comes from both British and design royalty.