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Consumer/Personal Finance 06.21.2017

Science says: why some airplanes don’t fly in high heat; Uber adds option to tip drivers, and you’ll pay for making them wait; Jackie O’s iconic watch up for auction; Johnny Depp for sale — everything but the jet!; Mango Pineapple & Berry Prickly Pear Frappuccinos; Lucky Charms milkshake; 24-carat gold sheets; Free Amazon credits you might be entitled to (Check on yours soon because they expire Saturday); Qatar Airways named world’s best airline; Meet the high school drop out who invested in bitcoin at age 12 and is now a millionaire at age 18 ..

Health & Wellness 06.21.2017

Ut oh – Tick linked to unusual malady appears to be spreading; Scientists are using dirty socks to understand why some people are mosquito magnets; FItbit developing devices for sleep apnea; Many Americans taking too much Vitamin D; Steve Harvey’s Little Big Shots: Forever Young premieres tonight; Red onions over white; Grocery carts & germs; Healthiest oils; Gwyneth Paltrow on media company Goop: ‘It would be my dream not to have to be the face of it’ .. [Insert eye roll here]

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