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Will that be cash, credit, or … personal loan?; Sunroofs are exploding at increasing rate; Airstream debuts new ‘European inspired’ travel trailer; Microsoft builds treehouses for its employees; Branson vs. Musk over future of travel – yada, yada, yada; Best city in U.S. for trick-or-treating; World’s newest biggest cruise ship; Martha Stewart mishap (cake knife recall); Medicare open enrollment; Costco membership –  renewal problem?; Your next hangover could help fight hunger; Peanut butter slices – a thing now; Today is the deadline for filing your 2016 tax returns.

HEALTH & WELLNESS 10.16.2017

A nine-year collaboration has just shown how sugar exacerbates cancer; Women who frequently dye their hair ‘are at greater risk of breast cancer’; Sensoria’s smart garments– expanding from the running track to the nursing home (to help elderly people who are at high risk of falling); Morgan Freeman’s approach to ‘discipline’ – keeps him working at age 80; Change your lifestyle, change your lifespan; Magic mushrooms to treat depression; Mindfulness apps to disconnect from stress; Seasonal bloating (Lactose! Fructose!); “Diet” avocados??


Bye, bye Botox .. hello, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections .. from your own blood???; Cult favorite Glossier launches first fragrance – meant to smell like “your boyfriend’s neck after he’s been wearing cologne for 8 hours” [can’t wait!]; Why it’s about aging smart rather than anti-aging now; Ulta’s in-store experience – enough to keep brand relevant?; Scrunchie comeback (been under way for a while now); Michael Kors on style, guilty pleasures, and fighting world hunger.

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