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About NoPo was launched by veteran journalist, Vera Gibbons.

Our team produces a free daily newsletter called NoPo — the go-to resource for those who are sick and tired of the political headlines.

These headlines have been dominating the news cycle and overshadowing other relevant and timely stories. They’re also fueling too much negativity.

Enter NoPo: Here, you’ll find content for conversation; not animosity.

Every day, night, and into the early morning, we scour the internet, hand-picking and curating the most unique, interesting nonpolitical news stories that aren’t necessarily getting mainstream coverage–in finance, travel, fashion, beauty, wellness.

If you’re wondering what else is going on in the world outside of politics or are simply looking for a break from the political bombardment, NoPo is for you.

Our mission is to educateinformentertain.  We are #NewsWithoutNoise.

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