With a 13-3 win, this may have been the lowest-scoring Super Bowl ever (And yes, Charles, one of the lowest-rated in terms of overall viewership, as you like to keep reminding us since your team wasn’t in it!!), but there’s no denying – the New England Patriots’ victory over the Los Angeles Rams is one for the history books.  It gives the Pats its sixth Super Bowl title in 17 years [Before you write in, John, the Pittsburgh Steelers’ six Super Bowls came w/different coaches and quarterbacks]. Pats QB Tom Brady, who connected with two of his most trusted hands, Rob Gronkoski and Julian Edelman (named MVP) on long completions to set up the game-deciding touchdown, now has more Super Bowl wins than any NFL player ever. As for head coach Bill Belichick, who became the oldest coach to get a Super Bowl ring (he’s 66), just – wow.  Genius.

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