A couple of days ago, the FDA approved Johnson & Johnson’s ketamine-like nasal spray for patients who suffer from “treatment-resistant” depression, which is apparently about 16 million American adults. The spray, called Spravato, which works by restoring brain cells, can be administered in a doctor’s office or clinic, or you can do it yourself – under supervision (and not at home). Spravato has all sorts of side effects — the most severe being out-of-body hallucinogenic sensations — so patients will be monitored for at least two hours after being given the drug. As for the cost, it’s up there. For the standard regimen, you’re looking at $5000-$7000 for the first month; $2500-$3,500 a month thereafter. Johnson & Johnson says it expects most insurance plans to pay for the drug, but we all know how that goes….

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