On Monday night, the Virginia Cavaliers made history w/its 85-77 overtime win over Texas Tech in the national championship. Why so much excitement? The NCAA men’s basketball tournament is deemed the definitive assessment in the sport, it’s the team’s first National title, and while I’m not a sports person, I am reminded that no team has been evaluated more harshly over the past couple of seasons than Virginia. I’m also reminded me that the Hoos (that what they’re called, JW?) went into this wearing last year’s humiliating scars from being the only No. 1 seed to lose to a 16 seed in NCAA history. And I have to say…if you listened carefully when the final horn sounded in Minneapolis and the confetti fell to the court, you could almost hear the media critics (from ESPN to Yahoo) gasping for air. R-E-D-E-M-P-T-I-O-N.

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