Vera Gibbons | Journalist | Non Political News was launched by veteran financial journalist, Vera Gibbons, in the summer of 2016.

It is a go-to resource for those who are sick and tired of the negative political headlines.

Not only have these headlines been dominating the news cycle and overshadowing other relevant and timely stories, but they also happen to inspire, and fuel, a great deal of negativity.

Friendships are being destroyed. Relationships are in tatters. There’s an awful lot of hostility in the air.

Enter NoPo: Here, you’ll find news nuggets, stats and facts that aren’t necessarily getting mainstream media coverage. More importantly, it’s interesting and useful fodder for conversation–not animosity. And it’s often actionable as we cover everything from innovative ways to stay young to important recalls to financial news that can make a difference.

NoPo’s goal is to inform, educate, entertain…and, of course, maintain those aforementioned relationships – regardless of political affiliations.

Let’s all get along … and start each day with a daily dose of NoPo.


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