Beauty Essentials For Healthy, Sweat-Free Glam, By Mickey Williams

Nothing says summer like sun-kissed, glowing skin. Take a hiatus from heavy makeup and source multi-duty beauty items. What about a powder that not only buffs out shine but also reapplies SPF? Wondering how to extend that airbrush tan for the weekend getaway without fade? What if I said you could have sweat and odor-free underarms for every summer to come?

Here are my five favorite summer beauty tips to keep you glam this summer.

The Sweat Stops Here  No one wants a sweaty, smelly, hairy underarm any time of the year, but definitely not in summertime. Have you heard about MiraDry? The FDA-approved MiraDry treatment eradicates the glands that cause wetness and smell by simply using focused energy. The non-invasive treatment even has an added perk of banishing underarm hair. Say what??? I talked to my dermatologist about the procedure and asked the very popular question: Don’t we need to sweat under our arms? Apparently not, since we only sweat 2% of our toxins from the region so it’s safe and usually only takes one treatment. Sign me up!

Gimme Sun Lovin’!  Sun protection has come a long way since the Coppertone baby’s bum ad campaign. Sunscreen has evolved beyond the pasty, sticky white stuff and morphed into clear, traceless formulas that you can find in everything from plumpers to primers. Here are a few of my SPF Super Stars:

*Replenix Plumping Lip Treatment SPF 30  The plumping aspects aren’t Kardashian massive but rather hydrated and smooth with hyaluronic acid and other ingredients that support collagen production. The clear gloss glides on and creates a slight tingle that stimulates lips to a rosy flush that is oh-so-youthful.

*TIZO3 Facial Mineral Sunscreen Primer SPF 40  If you’re looking for a primer that’s free of chemicals, oil, parabens, fragrance and gluten, this is one to consider. Plus, it mattifies skin to a velvety smooth perfection. Take it from me: the tinted formula, which goes on light and smooth, is truly universal and casts a transparent glow on any complexion.  Flawless coverage, five stars!

*Sunforgettable Total Protection Brush-On Shield SPF 50 Feeling a bit greasy-faced and need a touch up? Brush away the oil with this silky SPF powder, and hit the courts, go for a run, get on your SUP. Total Protection doesn’t run or bleed so it’s perfect for all of your outdoor activities. And it’s from Colorscience, which is the leader of brush-on SPF due to superior ingredients, shade-range and a non-feathering brush – the bristles don’t stick to your face on a hot, activity-filled day!

*Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Towelettes for body Fake it on the go with fast-drying streak-free body towelettes by Loreal. You’ll have to use more than one (I typically need two) to get your legs and all that above tinted. Formula is streak-free and clear so it doesn’t transfer onto clothing or sheets. The scent isn’t strong and the bronze created is a golden-brown hue that enhances your own skin tone, and beautifully mimics sun-kissed skin. The look is real! Pop the towelettes in your travel bag to keep the glow going all weekend long.

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Mickey Williams is the Founder of Share the Glam, a beauty blog she started in 2010. With extensive experience both behind the scenes and on camera, Mickey, who began her career as a hair and makeup artist two decades ago, has appeared on everything from The Today Show, ET!, Extra, Good Morning America, to QVC. She has also been featured in over 100 publications over the course of her career.

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