Disaster Preparedness, By Jeanne Salvatore

September is National Preparedness Month. And Hurricane Florence should be a reminder that disasters happen – no matter where you live. Of course, if you are currently in harm’s way from Florence’s winds, rain or flooding, listen to your local officials and follow their advice. If you need a safe place to go, FEMA recommends […]

The Spa Industry Is Hiring, By Lynne McNees

As we anxiously await this morning’s jobs report, we fully expect to hear more good news! After the unprecedented growth we have seen, that is easy to predict (strong market, stable participation rate, etc.), but when it comes to who, specifically, is hiring, that can be a bit ambiguous.  So, on behalf of the International […]

Happiness Helped Me Crush Cancer, By Susan Lisovicz

When you’ve survived a near death experience you can sometimes marvel at the timing of certain events that were pivotal in helping you get through it. The email with the link to a medical study that guided my overall strategy in how to treat the cancer. The chance encounter my brother had with a neighbor […]

NoPo’Cessities for the Aspirational Exerciser, By NoPo Editors

Looking to freshen up your fitness routine? Up your motivation level? One of the easiest ways to put some spring in your step is to buy some new gear. Often times, a cool pair of sneakers or even a funky new water bottle can be enough to get you off the couch–for a week or […]

A Travel Sleep Plan, By Lissa Coffey

As summer whizzes by and we start preparing for a change of seasons, and the soon-to-be here holidays (!), it’s as good a time as any to think about a Travel Sleep Plan. Given that there are so many ways our sleep gets disrupted when we travel, you really need a sleep strategy. To help […]

Beach Umbrella Safety, By Thomas O’Neill

Summer is all about family, friends, and outdoor activities.  And if you live near the coast or by a lake, there’s likely a lot of beach time. After all, what’s more enjoyable than lounging around at the beach, right? Not so fast. While the beach has a reputation for being safe (It’s the ocean that […]

My Favorite Wellness Trends, By Debra Koerner

As I’ve grown older, I’ve realized more clearly the role my body plays in carrying me on my life’s journey. This has shifted my perspective on what a ‘well body’ truly is. Now I know it’s just as important to nurture the body internally and emotionally as it is with food and fitness choices. And […]

My Summer With Luke’s Lobster, By Merritt Carey

Summertime in Maine means one thing: lobster. From the 5,000 lobster fishermen to the throngs of tourists who flock to our rocky shore – everyone is focused on Maine’s famous crustacean.  After all, combined with tourism, it’s our State’s biggest economic driver and by far our biggest fishery. We’ve got over 5,000 licensed lobster fishermen, […]

Beauty Essentials For Healthy, Sweat-Free Glam, By Mickey Williams

Nothing says summer like sun-kissed, glowing skin. Take a hiatus from heavy makeup and source multi-duty beauty items. What about a powder that not only buffs out shine but also reapplies SPF? Wondering how to extend that airbrush tan for the weekend getaway without fade? What if I said you could have sweat and odor-free […]

Summer NoPo’cessities, By NoPo Editors

Sooo….here’s the thing…NoPo subscribers are always asking us burning questions like what we think about the latest fitness/fashion/beauty trend, whether we’d ever wear a certain something, and ultimately what we like/don’t like. For purposes of this post, we’ll spare you our dislikes (don’t get us started on wide-legged catsuits, or loincloth bikinis), and go with […]

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