And the most valuable car company in America is….Tesla! $84 billion market value?!?! Bring on another Happy Dance, Elon?; Chase and DoorDash announce partnership to deliver new dining benefits for select cardholders; Hustlers real-life stripper files $40 million lawsuit against Jennifer Lopez’s production company for using her story (in lousy movie) w/out permission; Aston Martin issues profit warning after disappointing year; Why January is particularly good time to invest your money (some investor stock picks here..and yes please, GOOGL); What could be on Warren Buffett’s 2020 shopping list; TripAdvisor’s top all-inclusive resorts for your 2020 vacation; Yelp’s top 100 places to eat in the U.S.; Oreo’s two new flavors; Girl Scout’s Lemon-Ups.

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