Facebook, Netflix and Alphabet charts now in death crosses, which could signal more selling?!; Apple reportedly acquires privacy-focused AI startup Silk Labs; Greater fool theory comes back to haunt bitcoin (now at lowest level of year); Air France launches inflight ‘couch’ for families; Hot Cheetos Thanksgiving turkey recipe fires up Twitter; Black Friday – not just about cheap TVS..also about this once-a-year beer?; More millennials now living in suburbs than in cities; U.S. workers forfeiting too much vacation time (half!); Mexican food-themed museum coming to downtown LA; China’s richest loving the new Porsche…washing machine?; How to avoid getting burned – financially – at emergency room over holidays; What’s open/closed tomorrow/Black Friday; Where drivers will get biggest break on gas prices next coupla days; How to watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving this year.

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