As expected, Cyber Monday 2018 breaks online sales record–about an $8-billion day, up nearly 20% year over year; Venmo takes losses after payments fraud (competitors Square Cash and Zelle LOL’ing, out-downloading it); raises $32.5 million from Goldman Sachs; Heavy winter storm moves toward…New England; Krispy Kreme’s latest donuts–inspired by Ugly Christmas Sweaters?; Bulls still clinging to hopes market will survive latest correction; General Motors eliminating thousands of jobs, closing plants, restructuring global business; Giving Tuesday (today) trying to go global; How Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg could be humbled by creepy bikini app; Why younger Gen Z has edge over millennials in housing market; The $150 bacon holiday gift package for all the bacon lovers in your life; A record-breaking week for Broadway ($43 million); Gin-filled ornaments; Pickle Bloody Mary Mix.

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