Reign of Apple–ending?; Head to head w/Microsoft for most valuable U.S. company; Zillow expects home-buying to keep slowing, and commutes to get…worse; YouTube premium content – all but done?; Burger King going to the dogs and giving away free flame-grilled dog bones; Ryan’s World Giant Golden Egg flying off shelves; Starbucks’ new Juniper Latte getting, ahem, mixed reviews?!; How to keep porch pirates from stealing your packages this holiday season; Why your neighbor’s holiday decorations bringing out the Grinch in you; The new shark-themed jet w/no middle seats; A wider, safer, sultrier Porsche 911; Half Christmas trees — to stop pets from sabotaging Christmas; Costco’s Colossal Cookie — to rescue you from holiday baking; Trader Joe’s cinnamon roll wreath; Oreo Drink Mix.

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