What’s next in tech? One of the biggest trade shows on the planet, Consumer Electronics Show, kicks off today in Las Vegas! Notably visible: Apple’s giant billboard highlighting company’s privacy-related advantages; Ford recalls nearly 1 million vehicles due to airbag issues; United follows Delta’s lead, sets more restrictions on emotional support animals; Massive bluefin tuna (612 pounds – equivalent of > 12,000 pieces of sushi) sells for record $3.1 million in Tokyo market; Amazon’s cashierless Go stores – $4 billion business by 2021??; GM and DoorDash teaming up to deliver food in driverless cars; More first-time buyers turning to family for down payment; Dreadful curse of bed bugs back in America, and… spreading; Frontier Airlines asking passengers to tip flight attendants when they serve refreshments?; Costco’s 7-pound tub of Nutella; Blue Bell’s Mardi Gras King Cake ice cream; Carrot Cake Oreos.

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