Two-day nightmare ends for stranded Amtrak passengersHulu makes it cheaper to binge your favorite movies and TV shows; Tinder adds ‘Spring Break’ mode for college spring flings; Warren Buffett makes rare move – selling a business?!; Citi launching digital payment service allowing users to pay rent and school fees every month using bank’s credit cards; Retailers losing ground when it comes to consumer satisfaction; FCC urging phone companies to help stop robocalls; ‘Following your passion is bulls***’?: What it’s like to fly on world’s first craft beer airline; Why you’re getting all those sweet Uber and Lyft discounts; How predatory banking fees are zapping our wealth; Every flavor of Lay’s potato chips, ranked; Sonic’s Double Stuf (yes one “f” so no need to write in) Oreo Waffle Cone.

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