Starbucks opens new four-story, 32,000 square-feet store in Tokyo today–its biggest in world; Pedestrian deaths hit 28-year high, and big cars and smartphones are to blame; Homes lose $15.8 billion in value as seas rise, Maine to Mississippi; Mysterious surge in $100 bills in circulation – linked to global corruption?; Marie Kondo’s Netflix series boosting sales of shredders and organizing supplies; FedEx going to trial autonomous delivery robots this summer; Most popular Porsche going electric; Best Buy’s hot streak…continuing; People buying less at Home Depot – another sign housing market cooling down?; Why flights to Hawaii could soon be 30% cheaper (Thanks, Southwest); What you should worry about when flipping a house; The rare Tom Brady rookie card that just sold for > $400,000 at auction (record price); A new company that helps arrange dog-friendly vacations.

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