What did Boeing know about problems w/the 737 Max, and when, exactly?; Kentucky Derby DQ costs bettors around $9 million; Apple warns iPhone users not to answer Apple support calls unless specifically requested; Avengers: Endgame continues its box office heroics (surpasses $2 billion); Dunkin’ – the next McDonald’s?; Middle-of-the-night ‘one ring’ robocall scams luring consumers into costly callbacks; Lori Loughlin looking for crisis manager amid college admissions scandal; HBO working on three Game of Thrones spinoffs; Prince Charles opening Bed & Breakfast in Scotland?; The amateur pie that just won this year’s National Pie Championships; A remote ranch in Wyoming that should be your next all-inclusive luxury vacation; Zuckerberg’s $59 million ‘secret’ property in Lake Tahoe.

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