The cynical NoPo thinks the Starbucks cup spotted in Game of Thrones was a product placement (and a valuable one at that in what was only a 3-second scene), but HBO says nope – it was actually a ‘mistake’?!; Bernie Madoff’s wife Ruth settles w/court-appointed trustee (surrenders remaining assets upon death); Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez finally ready to date like ‘regular people’; Lax standards for HELOCs = repeat of bubble-era madness?; Walmart opening dozens of veterinary clinics in its stores and launching online pet pharmacy; Wendy Williams’ estranged husband requesting child and spousal support; Dairy Queen temporarily serving ‘Royal Baby Blizzard’; An Uber, Lyft driver strike that may affect your travel plans tomorrow; A tequila sommelier on how to drink Mexico’s favorite spirit; The re-release of Igloo’s colorful picnic coolers after 25 years.

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