USC coach who made fake crew profiles for Lori Loughlin’s daughters pleads guilty–how’s that gonna affect her case?; New survey reveals best and worst airports in America; Hershey’s introduces new emoji chocolate bars; Uber Black launches ‘Quiet Driver Mode’; U.S. birth rates fall to 32-year low; Alexa Guard – can now listen for alarms – or perhaps, a cheating spouse?; What Disney plans to do w/Hulu in Comcast deal; How Google Trips is going to change the way you travel; Why Alwaysmining should be viewed as serious player in Preakness (Anyone going to watch after Derby debacle?!); A grocery store you’ve never heard of that’s going public; The best gas grills for 2019; Oreo’s five new summer flavors; Lucky Charms Marshmallow Blondies.

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