Game On: Eldorado Resorts announces deal to buy Caesars Entertainment – merger will create country’s largest gambling operation; Fresh beef helps McDonald’s gain market share for first time in five years; 7-Eleven launches delivery service to public ‘hot spots’; Amazon sets dates for Prime DayCollectibles – for collecting or investing?; Summer heatwave roasting Europe; Remote jobs exploding (salaries good, too); Teens spending $1000/year on vaping?; How to make Whole Foods roses look high-end (for you, Chris); Why so many sequels are bombing this summer; What it’s like to get married at Taco Bell; The best place to visit in the world (Paris, for second year in row, per U.S. News & World Report); A floating picnic table so you can snack and swim at same time; Costco’s $19.99 super-popular cheese flights.

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