Woodstock 50 may be officially off, but Lollapalooza is onnnnn! Kicks off today in Chicago’s Grant Park; The Container Store opens first store dedicated solely to customer closets (part of shift from products to “solutions”); Spotify reports user growth due to its big bet on podcasts; London Stock Exchange buys Bloomberg’s biggest rival; $3000 e-bike that’s allegedly impossible to steal gets stolen…in 60 seconds?; Hooters launching ‘premium spirits’ line; Citi cutting hundreds of trading jobs; Internet-connected diapers–information overload for anxious parents?; How TikTok became music discovery platform for smartphone generation; What an interest rate cut means for your wallet; The motorized float that allows you to play bumper cars in basically any body of water; A tiny Caribbean island that grows 44 kinds of mangoes; World’s most beautiful hotel pools; French Mustard…ice cream.

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