Hurricane Dorian, now Category 2, lashes Florida, eyes Carolinas (landfall)…offshore by weekend?; Uber and Lyft close at record lows as investors lose faith in ride-sharing companies; R. Kelly expected to appear in court today for first of several hearings in connection w/multiple sex crimes; Lamborghini reveals its first hybrid supercar; Rhum agricole – spirit you’re about to see everywhere?; Older millennials driving home prices higher again; Amazon testing hand-scanning payment system; Miami rising as tech hub; New Apple TV – coming next week?; Why Facebook really doesn’t like the “Like” button anymore; What worked at the summer box office, and what…didn’t; The rise of the super-commute (traveling 90 mins or more to work each day); A 62% spike in people getting prenups; Costco’s 72-pound cheese wheel.

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