It’s National Consignment Day! Time to get rid of stuff you no longer want, and make some money in the process? Lots of promotions going on today; Controversial Joker sets new October record w/$93.5 million debut; Consumer Reports names iPhone 11 Pro best smartphone, praising battery life and camera; Airlines roll out new programs to help children w/autism; Credit Karma launches high-yield savings account that earns over 20 times more than average??; What you need to know about Bed Bath & Beyond coupons, returns, and gift cards in light of all the store closings; How every new IPO bigger than $1 billion has performed in 2019; An app that tells you how noisy restaurants are; The 20-year-old chef serving $200 tasting menu in NYC; A $1,600 wagyu beef burger topped w/gold (For you, James).

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