California wildfires prompt evacuations for close to 200,000 Northern California residents, power outages for over 2 million; Millennials spend billions on Halloween for social media fame; Joker leads at box office again; France fails to produce any winners at World Cheese Awards? American blue takes top prize?; Toys R Us staging “larger than life” comeback (preparing to open bunch of new stores in November); Anchors angling for first interview w/Felicity Huffman (ratings gold blah blah); How to avoid this phone scam that has resulted in millions of dollars lost to hackers; Why Wegmans’ big move to NYC (which attracted thousands of superfans on opening day) is game changer for industry; The private women’s club – yup, Chief – that has plans for world domination; A first look inside the $5 billion, 3-million-plus-square-foot American Dream mall that was 17 years in the making; National Chocolate Day.

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