The reviews for Apple’s $15-million-per episode “The Morning Show” are in, and they’re not exactly good; Amazon makes two-hour grocery delivery free for all Prime members; Samsung teases new foldable ‘clamshell’ phone; Lyft tries again w/monthly memberships; Starbucks ghosts on its Halloween drinks; ‘Minternship’ – to fix your mid-career woes?; Fewer Americans giving money to charity; Younger people camping, camping, camping; Fiat Chrysler once again looking to get…hitched; What the Uber Eats delivery drone looks like; Why the Getty Museum’s art pieces don’t need to be evacuated during wildfires; An abysmal zero-star review for New York institution Peter Luger; A record $143.7 billion (projected) in online spending this holiday season; The controversial alphabet song remix; Hershey’s Kisses…cereal.

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