Walgreens explores going private in what could be largest LBO in history — on your radar, Warren Buffett?; Jeopardy! welcomes back mega-champ James Holzhauer – tonight – for Tournament of Champions; Xerox considers takeover offer for HP; Amazon’s new tablet – great alternative to iPad at half the price?; Retailers trying to make low-risk bets w/new types of locations; UPS forecasting record holiday returns (fueled by more online shopping-natch); Elf on the Shelf having moment – his own cerealIHOP menucakebitesPop-Tarts Crisps??; An early winter preview for millions of Americans the next couple of days (arctic cold in many areas); The most epic ski trip ever (five countries on three continents in span of 34 days); Captain Morgan’s Gingerbread Spiced Rum.

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