Jeopardy! James” is back! Holzhauer dominates in Tournament of Champions–see him last night, Sheila?; Papa John sells $107.5 million slice of his Papa John’s stock (just as turnaround efforts appear to be marinating); Uber shares sink to new low as ‘lockup’ period expires; Alaska Airlines offering priority boarding to passengers who are holding Starbucks’ holiday-themed coffee cups (today through Sunday); Kroger rebranding w/new logo and slogan; Armenian wines starting to attract attention of wine connoisseurs?; What to know if considering relationship w/co-worker (like, not the best idea); How glitch in stock trading app Robinhood allowed one trader to turn $3000 into $1.7 million; An 8-person Thanksgiving dinner for just $90 (compliments of Costco); A seasonal food-flavored chip feast (compliments of Pringles); America’s best oysters.

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