Green pancakes this morning…topped w/Lucky Charms? Green donut? Maybe a Shamrock Frappuccino? Corned beef and cabbage tonight? Wash it down with Irish whiskey? Beer? Oh, wait … we’re in coronavirus hell …  losing money, jobs, sanity as our lives go on hiatus … and the worst is yet to come? Possible recession on horizon? Depression?; Amazon looking to hire 100,000 more employees to keep up w/surge in orders; Some stores (including Stop & Shop and Dollar General) offering ‘elderly hours’ to help protect senior shoppers; Where Goldman Sachs predicts stock market will bottom out; Why now’s a good time to do annual retirement plan checkup (Good piece, Kerry); What documents (and other information) you should have readily accessible, like, now; A new stock acronym for coronavirus-fueled panic; The 10 most recession-resistant cities for 2020.

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