Aside from wondering when this nightmare is going to end and how bad the damage is going to be, we’ve also been thinking about how this is going to change everything – from our relationships and priorities to the way we shop, work, eat, date, travel, exercise, socialize…live (!)  –  and wondering what the new normal will look like….Drive-thru only? Curbside pick-up? No more offices? Schools? Virtual vacations? Only a couple of retailers? Bye, bye, cash?; How to get your Starbucks fix now that U.S. stores are all closed; Why Zoom has become darling of remote workers during this crisis (and yes, we noticed your new background, Sam); What a meal in virtual reality tastes like (now we’re really confused); The three-ingredient creamy coffee drink that’s going viral amid social distancing; A new dating service for quarantined college kids; First ever all-electronic trading day (today); Spring Nor’easter (already in progress).

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