As burgers disappear, Beyond Meat swings to profit and Impossible Burger makes debut at 1,700 Kroger stores; Disney earnings plummet more than 90% as coronavirus wipes out more than $1 billion; Consumer debt hits record $14.3 trillion; “Reverse” airplane seats – could be new way to fly?; Ultra-rich now buying ‘Pandemic Passports’ so they can move to safer countries; Counterfeiters taking advantage of crisis to sell fake or nonexistent masks and other goods; Home tours going virtual, but anyone buying?; How COVID-19 has changed consumer spending around world (and how coronavirus is making business more human); When travel is expected to resume (another 18-24 months); A new online resource for pregnant women, ‘It Starts With Mom’; The best Mother’s Day flowers you can order online; ‘Pancake Cereal’

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