Twitter employees can work from home forever…howz about the rest of us? And if we never go back to the office, what does this mean to transit, restaurants, shops…commercial real estate?; Uber places order for Grubhub in all-stock bid; Disney fast-tracks Hamilton film to Disney+ on July 3; Grocery costs jump most in 46 years (led by rising prices for meat and eggs) Airlines on brink of bankruptcy – what happens to your miles, airline credit card, etc. if belly up?; New York City’s Broadway going to remain dark at least through Labor Day; Couples turning to ‘minimonies’ to salvage wedding plans; Young investors piling into stocks; Used car prices falling, but deals may not last?; How to scrounge up rent money; What to know if considering breaking lease; An alarming drop in consumer prices; A taste test of all 15 flavors of….Spam.

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