All eyes on Facebook today –  its annual 2-day conference kicks off (Will we see more sober/less congratulatory tone from Zuckerberg?)…and on Apple — a lot riding on its earnings, including potential for it to jump-start tech sector (and possibly the market) if it issues strong report w/good guidance…McDonald’s becoming a better McDonald’s (Revamped stores, fresh beef burgers, premium sandwiches, dollar menu–resonating); Tesla burning through billions—$6,500 every minute; Americans hoarding money in their checking accounts; > 100 Uber drivers accused of sexually assaulting or abusing passengers??; ‘Sell in May’ this year or…not; Vacation rental scams on Craigslist; Most $$ summer gas prices in 4 years; Breakfast tacos on United Airlines; Oreo’s new limited edition flavors; Ice cream lattes – like a milkshake, but warm….

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