Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - March 23, 2017

Consumer/Personal Finance 03.23.2017

Target wants you to feel confident in your bathing suit; Consumer Watchdog group says Amazon’s list prices are “bogus”; Pizza Hut releases “Pie Top” sneakers that can order your favorite pizza; What’s killing Sears and Kmart; Sign up for CLEAR by tomorrow & get 3 free months (promo code: DAYLIGHT3); Butterbeer-flavored ice cream is here…What will J.K. Rowling think?!?!?!

Health & Wellness 03.23.2017

Holistic healers are heading to the heartland but is America ready for them?; Direct-to-consumer vitamin companies (such as Care/of and Ritual) looking to become Warby Parkers of the supplement world; Science-backed benefits to sleeping in a cool bedroom; Why some ACL surgeries fail; Benefits of delaying motherhood; Music can be a lifesaver — literally.

Fashion/Beauty 03.23.2017

Ever heard of the Spony—a backless baseball cap???; Lacoste hopes to become most desirable brand in premium casual wear market; Super stylish Kate Middleton reportedly pregnant w/#3; J. Crew’s got some issues; Why we’re sticking stuff all over our faces; Prosecco nail polish is the latest lickable lacquer…Yes-lickable…and yes, prosecco.

Fitness/Diet 03.23.2017

Your gym should either be super close or super nice; These are the times of day and week when Americans break their diets; How to make fasting work for you; Just Do It? Maybe not .. Nike tanks; From obese to anorexic to .. ‘Fitness Barbie’ !!

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