Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - March 24, 2017

Consumer/Personal Finance 03.24.2017

FCC launches crackdown on fraudulent robocalls; Shake Shack is testing caviar delivery (Get it while you can this weekend!); Maker of Trojan condoms targeting women; JetBlue may soon be going to Europe; Say buh-bye to two of your favorites: Virgin America .. and .. Dunkin’s Coffee Coolatas; $6 million if you vant to live alone.

Health & Wellness 03.24.2017

Can’t sleep? Call this hotline for bizarre sleep-inducing sounds; Hot bath may have health benefits similar to exercise; AARP launches new Health & Wellness digital magazine; Anti-aging foods you should try; Smartphone & sperm tests; Alcohol & heart health; Is lunchtime meditation the latest wellness craze?

Fashion/Beauty 03.24.2017

Lord & Taylor hopes to lure customers in w/largest dress store in America; Ashley Olsen plans to spend more time on her clothing line now that she’s single again (yup–just happened); Lena Dunham on how microblading saved her eyebrows; This is the trend you’re about to see everywhere in natural beauty; Back pain? Certain fashion trends — including skinny jeans, oversize handbags and backless shoes — could be to blame!!!!!

Fitness/Diet 03.24.2017

What is exercise addiction? Woman’s tragic story highlights scary risks; If your planks are too easy, you’re probably not doing them right (Tweaks to make your core work harder); Richard Simmons’ manager says podcast ‘intrusion’ has been ‘harmful’; 15,000 steps is the new 10,000 (Got that, Fearing?!); Jackson, Mississippi labeled ‘fattest city’ in U.S.; Carrie Underwood’s cute workout buddy; Misty Copeland’s go-to moves.

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