Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - March 27, 2017

Consumer/Personal Finance 03.27.2017

Lyft pushes feel-good factor (You can now round up your fare and donate to charity.) as Uber reels; Square’s chip card readers just got 14% faster; How to protect your social media accounts from cyber hackers; More risky mortgages; Nissan recall; Final Four (Yes, I have been following even though your teams are out!!).

Health & Wellness 03.27.2017

Fountain of youth may be coming soon  – anti-aging pill to begin human trials in 6 months; New cooking app teaches families recipes, nutrition, health & wellness through comics and animation; The older you get, the more likely you are to watch TV; Sex may be key to happy marriage; Dogs that sniff cancer; Less salt, fewer nighttime bathroom trips; Pot-infused….coffee????

Fashion/Beauty 03.27.2017

Posh goes plus-size! Victoria’s fashion line for larger women available 4/9 @ Target; Karl Lagerfield unveils new jewelry collection this week;   Sephora now offering free beauty classes for cancer patients; From clean food to clean beauty; 15 little-known swimsuit labels you’re going to love; One of this summer’s trends might be … butt glitter ?!

Fitness/Diet 03.27.2017

What happens if you eat a cream cracker? This – and other – questions to ask before starting a diet; Why you should ditch straws and iced water at meal times; Nostalgic sportswear brands (Fila, Pony, Champion) enjoying renaissance; Best fitness Instagram accounts; Inside the exclusive gym where Hugh Jackman, Victoria’s Secret models and Wall Streeters work out..

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