Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - March 28, 2017

Consumer/Personal Finance 03.28.2017

Don’t Say ‘Yes’ When Robocall Scam Rings

Target is giving away $300 gift cards this week when you buy new iPhone; Elon Musk wants to plug into your brain; Starbucks’ ‘Medicine Ball,’ now permanently on menu; 200-pound gold coin has been stolen; The Queen is hiring (Know how to make cushions and curtains?); Handmade slime could be putting your kids at risk; Healthiest and unhealthiest housing markets; Hang up on “Can you hear me?” !!!

Health & Wellness 03.28.2017

Scientists create beating human heart cells on spinach leaves?!

Do you see the glass as half full? Look on the sunny side of life? Positive outlook may improve health and extend life; Study finds breast-fed kids may be less hyper, but not necessarily smarter; Scientists have turned spinach into human heart tissue; Fitbit’s new sleep-tracking feature works well (most of the time); Beware of warmed up food: doctors reveal most dangerous leftovers lurking in your fridge.

Fashion/Beauty 03.28.2017

YES to Patchwork Florals!

Prom season is here, and it may be most fashionable to date–due to runway/red carpet trends exposed on Snap and Insta; New, longer-lasting Juvéderm filler gets FDA approval; Coach said to be readying Kate Spade buy; Embellished denim is in; Yellow is the color every celebrity has been wearing lately; Bobbi Brown on why she really left her brand…

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